recommended for the pilgrim when he enters the Sacred Mosque to offer his right foot ,saying: I seek refuge in Allah Almighty and the face of the Holy old dominion of the accursed Satan, God , I open the doors of Your mercy, and initiate such a prayer when entering the other mosques .
Then turn to the Kaaba to begin in circling and uncovering year ) revealed the man is forbidden from his right shoulder , making the center a sarong under the right armpit and ends on his left shoulder) in this circumnavigation, then proceed with the circumambulation seven runs starting from the black stone . if he was able to access it acceptable if he can not hurt people Palmzahmh and advocacy nor Balmchatmh speculation it wrong because it involves damage to the Muslims . it is enough to point out the black stone from afar , saying: God is great.
then Haj begins or Umrah roam saying and Mstgfra and praying to Allah as he wishes to pray or read theKoran without raising his voice Bodeih specific as some people do, that it disturbs other Taivin .
If arrived in the Yemeni corner receives it in his hand , if possible, it is not accepted or Athompsh him as some do, Dissenting Sunnah of the Prophet , peace be upon him, and failing the receipt of the Yemeni corner goes without It refers to or grow up.
It is the year that al – Haj says between the Yemeni corner and the Black stone: Lord give us good in thisworld and good in the Hereafter and torment of the fire. Thus completes the Hajj roam as initiated byseven runs starting with the black stone with each half, and terminated him and enacted the sand which is to speed up the walk with the convergence of the pace in the first three rounds of the Tour de come only .
It is the mistakes made ​​by some pilgrims occurring during circumambulation, they entered the stone during circumambulation believing that it is part of circling and circling from inside the stone invalidated because it has reduced to roam because he has toured some of the Kaaba and not about the old house .
it irregularities as well as the receipt of all corners of the Kaaba and perhaps all the walls and touching her and Bostarha and Bbabha and the shrine of Abraham, this is not permissible because of heresies no basis in Islam, and did not do it the Prophet , peace be upon him .
may not raise one’s voice when they circumambulate because that which confuse the Muslims, or talk during circumambulation and crowding of men and women, especially at the Black stone and Maqam Ibrahim should be on everyone to stay away from these irregularities .
after completion of circling initiates Pilgrims covered his right shoulder, and confirmed year after completing the circumnavigation two raka’ah behind Maqam Ibrahim , if possible that otherwise may pray rak anywhere in the Grand mosque .
and reads in the first rak’ah after al Surat (Say: O disbelievers), and in the second after the light recite Surat (Say God is one) , although he read bright spots there is nothing wrong in it .
after circling heading Pilgrims to Safa to seek seven runs . if lows from Safa starts saying: (the Safa and Marwa of the rites of Allah it is pilgrimage or Umrah is not wing it around with them and volunteered good things, God , thanking Aleem (.
and then climb to the Safa and receives the Kaaba and the praise of God and his senior by three times with his hands and repeating supplication saying: ( There is no god but Allah alone with no partner tohim praise and He over all things there is no god only God fulfilled His promise and victory to His slave and defeated the parties alone), and repeat the above three calls between it as he wishes , although limited to less than that there is nothing wrong and raise his hands , but if the calling, does not mention them when zooming because that common mistakes when many pilgrims .
then forbidden from Safa descend heading to Marwa walking calling as easy for him to pray for himself and his family and to all Muslims when he reaches the green flag ran men and women are excluded from it, and when it reaches the second green flag walks as usual , until it reaches the Marwah.
upon arrival at Marwah receives the Kaaba and say , as he said of the male when the rise of al – Safa and leaves as he wishes and then come down and walks until it reaches the green flag Verd until it reaches the second flag and then completes his walk as usual , that is tantamount Safa and so complete his quest in this manner seven runs, so he went from Safa to Marwa way and return from Marwah to Safa long last, there is nothing wrong him if he began the pursuit on foot and felt fatigue or pain by healthy Viewer – God forbid – be finishing his passengers , the vehicle may be for women who are menstruating or bleeding following childbirth performance quest without circling because the endeavor is not theGrand mosque is the most prominent errors during seek accelerate women between Alamein Alokhaddran .
after the completion of the quest Muharram shorten his hair if enjoying must circulate all head in default, and women fall short of her hair as a fingertip , a finger tip and this is Haj Almtemta has completed his ‘umrah and replace him everything forbidden to him ihraam .
It should be for the pilgrims and Umrah that a lot of talbiyah on time and starts in the pilgrimage of Ihram until the beginning of circling in the pilgrimage of Ihram until the beginning of throwing cinder biggest obstacle Eid morning , saying: Beck O Beck Beck is not a partner for you to pick the praise and blessing to you and the king is not a partner for you .
( finished)