The iron bridge that serves as a passage for pedestrians and locomotives to cross the river N’zi Dimbokro collapsed Tuesday afternoon, under the weight of a freight train at the embankment side the city, causing two injuries (both drivers) and damage, found the AIP in the regional capital of N’zi.

This train consisting of 21 wagons had bound for Abidjan Ouagadougou (Burkina), and transporting food products, including rice, sugar and pasta, are we learned.

For the head of the Dimbokro train station, the accident occurred around 15 hours is due to the dilapidated state of this bridge from 1910. “This bridge was built 105 years ago, in 1910. We believe the bridge is old, “he has said.

Other sources exercising at the same station, who requested anonymity, said the accident was due to a “lack of some workers.” “Indeed, on Tuesday morning, as usual, the staff responsible for maintenance have made the site with Draisine (small machine made to travel on the rails), which towed a bulldozer to the earth. the arms of the bulldozer hit the bridge and the destabilized, “recounted one of these sources.

Another indication that these agents that have been earthworks have not pushed their observation to see the cracks caused the bridge not shock.

“They (the cleaners) were then ordered a freight train to pass and the bridge gave way,” said she said.

For now, the Abidjan-Ouagadougou railway is cut to all traffic train. The regional prefect N’zi and local political and security authorities went to the scene to make the observation.