Vaseline more commonly known as “petroleum jelly”, do not be afraid of the name, is very good ointment, gloss or cream. I’m not kidding, ask your grandmothers, it is the trick that will make your skin a gentle nest and tenderness.

On the lips  if they are dry and damaged, Vaseline will have the power to replace your favorite balm. How?Applying a coat on your lips and leaving for a few minutes or overnight mask. The result is impressive and relatively efficient …

On hands  : your hands can quickly be prone to drought and even when winter is over. Cuticles around the nails become brittle, small skin and appear in the joints is the disaster. Generously apply the wax on the damaged areas, wait a few minutes and your skin nimbez your usual moisturizer.

On the feet: in the same way as for your hands, your feet are an area that can easily dry out. Except for them, it is even more difficult to the extent that the heel is the main affected area and that cracks may appear. You can also mix Vaseline to your foot cream, but for best results, we recommend you to sleep before putting cotton socks after creamed. In the aftermath, a very soft skin waiting.

On elbows: still a sensitive area of the body and often dry. Vaseline can easily replace the moisturizer when you apply for a small amount to the party.

On the nose: after a long cold, it’s probably happened to you being annoyed by irritation at the nostrils to the point that you no longer support a single handkerchief. Vaseline does not need to be used in large quantities, apply and massage the inside walls each night before sleep. There is even a special version called Vaseline goménolée, the smell of menthol, handy in times of colds because it results in more nose. To ask your pharmacist!

On the hair: If your hair has a tendency capricious and those do not want to push a centimeter without showing many forks, know that Vaseline has the power to improve. And both in terms of the length of the tips! Petroleum jelly is a particularly fatty product of nature, we recommend you apply a hazelnut product in your hands, rub and then moving your fingers along your hair avoiding the roots. Leave on for a few minutes then wash with your regular shampoo.

On eyelashes like castor oil, petrolatum can facilitate the growth of your eyelashes and eyebrows. Using a brush (or vacuum mascara) apply the product in the same way you would apply your mascara, ideally before going to bed They find length and strength in no time!

As gloss: petrolatum not only has restorative powers during your beauty routine, it can also be used as gloss.Take your favorite lipstick, apply it in the back of your hand and with the help of a brush mix with petroleum jelly.You’ll get a color that you love, brighter and more moisturizing. Another tip, apply petroleum jelly to the inside of the elbows and the neck before putting your scent. This will take longer, and you’ll be pleased to see it fits in your wake.

To remove her false eyelashes: petroleum jelly can also help you to remove the eyelash glue residue (if used) or even replace your cleanser if you have more …

As concealer: petrolatum also have a miraculous effect on dark circles. Thickly applied under the eyes, lying in the evening (ideally accompanied by tapping the eye contour), it helps to wake up in the morning with eyes less puffy and dark circles diminished.