They make an amazing stunt on the new 4G giving the feeling that this formula is working. That no !Because by experiencing activation of data, 4G is malfunctioning who questions its functionality.Several people have unfortunately been the bitter fact.

And if 4G was a scam different phone houses are Orange, MTN and Moov Côte d’Ivoire? Yes everything leads to believe because complaints seen by subscribers of these mobile homes are legion.

We recall that in a previous article published April 12, 2016 on our information portal, a colleague exposed the shortcomings of this product. In early April 2016, the mobile operator MTN has launched a free migration operation of their Internet facilities.

‘ Under the terms of the offer, customers with a key WiMAX 4G LTE will receive a key; those with a pocket WiMAX, a 4G LTE MIFI and those of Wibox WiMAX, a 4G LTE box. Unfortunately, the new equipment intended to be compatible with 4G LTE are below the expectations of the customer . ” Fell within our collaborator in his article.

Indeed, at this time, after a little investigation conducted, we have managed to achieve after the activation parameters of the new key 4G LTE, it turns out that the connection both praised for its fluidity is very bad.Hardly have we 3G. Meanwhile, a complaint had been made ​​and the officer who received our collaborator knew that -ci was a journalist. Then the Mtn agent, began to give information which questioned the performance of 4G product. .   ”  Certainly the key V3000 is powerful, but because it exists for a long time, a need for adaptation and renovation is imposed on us, as the authorities put pressure on us about licensing 4G” is jus- he before continuing, “this new key” 4G LTE “offer testing services that will improve in the coming months  .” The officer confided to the reporter.

Five months later, 4G still has the same shortcomings as the mobile telephony houses continue to strengthen advertising campaigns on this service to 4G. Yet in fact these homes sell only the illusion of their subscribers.

A friend recently returned from trip, joined us to complain about the offer on 4G. Him, he shot the telephony houses such as Orange and Moov.

I do not know why people sell fake and that he is nobody to expose the scam of these houses Orange phone, Moov and MTN surely. ” If indignant Brice before continuing his lament. ” On my phone and like all other Android phones, There are several modes in the data that allow to connect to the parameter of choice. When I chose the 4G, the bar that indicates the network is weak and almost nonexistent. Instead, it refers me in 3G mode where the connection is effective conversely 4G . ” Indeed, our interlocutor hardly admits the idea that he gets on his phone 4G fashion and that this service is not available. For him and according to these terms, these mobile telephony houses are scammers.

Worse, they compete fiercely for an offer that exists in name only. For new equipment intended to be compatible with the 4G technology are below the expectations of the customers. And we actually false advertising.

A state nod is required not to arouse the wrath of the people.