While the time of the season is about to sound, it’s a jogger, who is very familiar but we once thought would never see, who surveyed the streets of Paris yesterday, denying her shamelessly beautiful promise to withdraw from political life if (fortunately), the election results were unfavorable to him … it was in 2012, and although disavowed by the votes and ejected from his throne, this liar of our sinister hypocrisy politician who into account many, made ​​his big comeback media in small strides to better vampiriser the striding public stage. Sarko, the cynical wheeler innumerable pots and artisan Libyan chaos, rising from the ashes! The scene, unthinkable outside our borders, is the effect of a bad remake of which only the countries of the Enlightenment secret, but not such as to enlighten the world … We take the same and start again tirelessly and to hell with their failures, their failures, their wickedness, and their annoying tendency to desecrate the Supreme function! This inglorious return of the former president of the vulgar “breaks up pov ‘con! “And the sadly memorable” sheep in the bathtub, “mastered the art of divide and rule, does not seem to enthuse the crowds, if we judge by the results of edifying Elabe poll for BFMTV, with d a representative sample of 1000 people from 22 to 23 August.

If galvanized activists, and right shift to starboard, its renamed the party “The Republicans” worship her, it does not hold true at the national level, since 79% of the French do not want to see it again lead France into a wall from the Elysee. 54% of respondents answered “no, not at all,” 25% “no, not really.”Among the qualities attributed to him, namely “determined” (73% of respondents), “dynamic” ( to 68%) and “courageous” (53%), it is striking that honesty, that rare virtue that is sorely lacking in those who govern us, is not the one that best characterizes for not less of 77% of respondents . It is fitting, because if Sarkozy was perfect, we would know for ages!

To darken a little table, the former president of the goat émissarisation of Islam and the liberation of racist speech is not a carrier of new ideas, not unifying and not the same values ​​as the majority of which Elabe took the pulse. Do not throw away !!

Still, despite this sounding of French who are not in its favor, Sarkozy’s power thirst remains unquenched, and one can be assured that this opportunistic inveterate be firing on all cylinders to overcome the primary right before setting fire to the presidential campaign.