Collin DeGonzaque, an American teenager 15 years old suffers from a congenital defect since birth. He has already undergone more than 13 operations, having his first when he was just two months.

Thanks to Allah, his life has recently been upset because he could get a kidney transplant due to his brother’s gift!

Wesley DeGonzaque, aged 19, has volunteered to take the test as a potential donor for Collin and learned the perfect compatibility between his kidneys and those of his brother. Wesley explains his actions: “I saw how it affected him. As a teenager, he just wants to be a normal child. I also saw the opportunity to make his life easier and help, so I took it. ”

Moreover, the two boys knew for years that a transplant would eventually be the only option for Collin. The operation, which took place July 19 in a hospital in Syracuse, New York has very well.

Little Collin said he was feeling better now, and his condition is improving: “I saw a little happier in general. I eat more. I see and talk to Wesley also more. Now that part of him is in me, I guess we are bound for life. ”