Why white sugar is bad for health?

Most people know that white sugar is not our ally health, it makes you fat. But precisely why the white sugar is not good for health? How can we replace it when it is present everywhere in our food? I answered you and suggest healthy and natural alternatives.

The history of white sugar

Sugar cane began to be cultivated from the ninth century in the East. Thereafter it was Christopher Columbus who imported the Caribbean and to cultivate and extract the sucrose in it.

At this time still was consumed very little cane syrup that was a luxury reserved for the rich.

Following a blockade of England because of Napoleon, France was no longer stocked in sugar. In 1809, a German engineer then found a way to grow sugar beet and extract cheap sugar.

To remove the bad taste and give it a completely white appearance, man must apply any chemical process known as “refining”. The refinery has several physical treatments (washing, centrifugation, grinding, filtra) and chemical. Thanks to that, we get pure sucrose, perfect for the consumer. That is how industrialization began in 1812 this aggressive sugar to the body.

White sugar, a sweet poison

Refined sugar, like other refined foods are depleted of vitamins and trace elements, nutrients catalysts essential to life. They provide only empty calories. The digestion of these foods involves biochemical reactions that consume these catalysts: if they are not already present in the food, they will be taken from the reserve of the body, which impoverish then it will not be little or renewed.

You should know that refining has absolutely no nutritional interest. Industrial use for purely economic and practical reasons.

In addition, excessive consumption of refined sugar causes all kinds of dysfunctions and diseases including weight gain, hypertension, diabetes or cancer. Cancer cells feed on the sugar in the body.

sugar-ill-healthHave you noticed that when you eat a biscuit industry you will not be able to stop at one cake? Same with a glass of soda or a candy, they will automatically want, NEED a second.

Sugar works as a soft drug, it created an addiction because refined sugars are not absorbed by your body.Devitalized they are devoid of fiber that help digest food more slowly. The problem here is that they arrive directly in blood.

Consuming its many filled sugar foods provoked hyperglycaemia is that glucose levels which abruptly increases in the blood. To overcome this sudden loss of energy, the body will still require sugar (hence the desire for a second cake, candy, soda glass ..) Excess sugar leads to addiction.


sugar-santeOur daily consumption of sugar, because yes there are really everywhere, product from us a permanent excess acidity. To correct this imbalance the body will draw ever more minerals and calcium in the bones and teeth that lead to weakness and general deterioration.In the end it is every organ of the body that will ultimately be affected by this excess, especially the brain.

A study focused on Coca Cola has even shown that softened bones in children who consumed a lot.