The new Ivorian recruit Manchester United, Eric Bally recently gave an interview to the English media the Daily Mail. In this interview, Eric Bailly reveals that he was approached to join the team of Manchester City, where compatriot Yaya Toure is located which, moreover encouraged in this direction. Its choice to join the rank of the rival “Red Devils” will be guided by Didier Drogba.

I have not spoken to Pep Guardiola but his assistant called me, like Mourinho. He told me to come and play for him. I preferred Mourinho partly because Didier Drogba worked with him. Didier is a friend and he said ‘José did this for me, Jose did this …’. Yaya I also called and asked to come to City, but after José spoke to me and Didier gave me advice, I knew immediately that I wanted to play for United, “said the Ivorian defender 22 years

the former play Villarreal returned once more on the reasons for his choice to play with United.

 “J ‘have decided to sign for Manchester United   because I wanted to work with a hard worker of the caliber of José Mourihno. There is no other reason than that I mentioned “ , said the champion of Africa in 2015.

The Ivorian had spoken to him recently through its recruitment which cost 38 million euros, about 24.4 billion CFA francs.