Azzah Sultan Malaysian student, arrived in the United States to incorporate, in 2013, a design school. She uses her love for the arts to express confront Islamophobia it increasingly meeting in New York, but above all to demonstrate that Muslim women have it all to modernity. “I use art to express my feelings and frustrations to society,” she told the Huffington Post. For her, art is not just a way to express ideas, it is also a right of reply that it does not tire to use. In one of her works she applied social networks to mobilize the Muslim and ask them to send him their veil. She used her scarf got all of America into a US flag.”Having these sewing sails gathers together different worlds and stories of women in one piece,” she says. The goal of most of its work and the work of Home Sweet Home: show “being Muslim does not make us less American.” This young student of 22 years continues to inspire other artists and inspiring veiled women to fight against stereotypes and highlight Muslim women in general.