It is in these circumstances where men claim to penetrate the political desire for God and massacre of human beings causes of paragraphs, we need a Muslim Voltaire to produce a newTreaty on Tolerance. This treatise on tolerance will only goal the rehabilitation of man, vicar of God on earth and the divine breath receptacle.

The Muslim world needs a Voltaire to rehabilitate reason and put man at the center of our concerns; Voltaire who say without any fear of being excommunicated, a god who needs to kill the creature to exist is a weak god. Voltaire This explain the fanatics that the Omnipotent for Which million Muslims prostrate, morning and evening, is not that evil god to whom they allegiance. He will say: “Do not seek to interfere hearts, and all hearts will be yours. [1]  ” He will say, most the Muslim religion is divine, “unless it is for the man of the order; God made ​​it, God will support it without you. [2]  “This Voltaire whisper them that” If the persecution against those with whom we dispute was a holy activity, we must admit that the one who kills the most heretical would be the greatest saint of Paradise.  [3] “He also reminds them that” religion is instituted to make us happy in this life and the next. [4]  ”

I dream of that Voltaire who will explain to my fellow Jews that no one is worse than the one who thinks worship God by going against His Will. “There is no compulsion in religion,” says the Koran. Any attempt to impose faith by force is heresy. This Voltaire recite to them the following verse: “If Allah had willed, He could have made you one community. But He leaves straying whom He wills and guides whom He wills. And certainly you will be questioned about what you did. “It will remind them that other verse” You (Muhammad) will not guide whom you love, but Allah guides whom He wills “Or” Allah does not forbid you to deal justly and to those who. you do not have fought for religion and have not driven you from your homes. Allah loves the equitable.”

This Voltaire would have reminded my fellow certainly there are verses that legitimize violence. But in a single situation when we are attacked. As proof, they would have quoted the following verse: ”  Fight in the cause of Allah  those who fight you , but do not transgress. Allah does not like transgressors And slay them wherever ye find them; and turn them out from where they drove you out: corruption is worse than killing. But do not fight them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight you there have. If they fight you, slay them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers . But if they cease, Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful . “He will say that the verse starts with ” Fight in the cause of Allah  those who fight you  “ and that any transgression is prohibited. He will say, according to the Quranic text, but also with international law, that self-defense is a fundamental right. But will have the audacity to say to my fellow Jews that in a democracy, only the state has the monopoly of violence.

Voltaire says it all Michel Onfray calling themselves Islamic scholars, we can not take verses out of context, without reading the whole of the Koranic message. The Qur’an has roughly 6300 verses, of which about 200 normative. Of these 200 verses, some speak of human transactions, other personal status and some violence. But it would be dishonest, tell them Voltaire, extract the “violent” party normative verses of all 6300 verses of the Qur’an. It will show them that it takes a holistic approach to the Quran not to fall into extremist drifts or intellectual meanness.

He will also say to my fellow Muslims that the Koran is not a legal code; you can not apply an alleged celestial law on children of the land that do not refer to the same God and do not point to the same qibla.

Voltaire This will work for a more humanistic reading of the texts.To do this, they cite the following verse: When I have fashioned, and I breathed of My spirit , then bow down before him. “That verse spoke of Adam and was talking to angels.Therefore, every descendant of Adam is the depositary of a parcel of God’s spirit. He will say that nothing can justify the contempt of a receptacle containing a fragment of the divine spirit.

I dream of this Voltaire because it would be wrong to say that violence perpetuated daily in the name of Islam has nothing to do with a certain conception of the religion of Muhammad (PBUH). In one of his letters, Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab, founder of Wahhabism, do not he said that “he who does not respond to the preaching by the evidence, we do  comply with the sword [5]  “? But caution, Wahhabism does not represent Islam.However, there is one.

I dream of this Voltaire cry wherever there is an attempt at enslavement of man by man in the name of God, that “the right of intolerance is absurd and barbaric: the right tigers, and it is horrible because tigers rend only to eat, and we exterminated for paragraphs. [6]  ”

Islamic Voltaire sing all the love poems of Ibn ‘Arabī to respond to the hatred of those who kill in the name of God prayed that this same Ibn Arabī. He will meet the misfortune of prophets through poetry:

“My heart has become capable of all forms
is a pasture for gazelles,
a monastery for monks,
a temple for idols,
the Kaaba for pilgrims.
It is the tables of the Torah and the book of the Koran.

I profess the religion of Love
wherever its caravans are heading.
Because love is my religion and my faith

As for me, I associate myself with Amadou Ba Hampaté and make the following appeal:  My brothers and sisters, we learn to love each other and help each other constantly, so that the Love puts us on the path of Charity leads to the Truth. [7]


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