In the latest issue of Dabiq, its official journal in English, the Islamic State glorifies the bombing of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray Jacques Hamel against the priest. Titrating “Break The Cross” (read “Break the Cross”), IE explicitly targets the Christian community. A photo of Adel Abdel Malik Kermiche and Petitjean, the two assailants shot dead by police, is assistant to the text.

Beyond the anti-Christian attacks that affected the whole of France, the terrorist organization explains his hatred of our societies and promises them a long war. In an article entitled  “Why we hate and why we fight” , the IU lists  six reasons  for his hatred against the West. The text begins with a glorification of the massacre perpetrated by Omar Mateen in an Orlando nightclub.

“US policies have qualified as hate act of terrorism and indiscriminate violence. A heinous act? Yes, Muslims hate perverse sodomites, as anyone with a bit of  fitrah  (innate belief in God). ”

1. “We hate above all because you are the  disbelievers ; you reject the Oneness of Allah – whether you have realized it or not.”

2. The second point concerns our secular societies, secular and liberal . “We hate you because you are laity liberal societies allow precisely what Allah has forbidden, while prohibiting many things he permitted: what you are laughing because you separate religion and state and granting the supreme authority on your whims and desires, via the legislators that you put in power by your votes “.

3.  atheism :” We are at war because you do not believe in God. ”

4 .  the “crimes” against Islam : “We hate you because of your crimes against Islam We are fighting to punish you for your attacks to our religion.”.

5.  the “crimes” against Muslims : “your drones and your planes bomb, kill and maim our people worldwide your puppets in Muslim countries you have appropriate oppress, torture and fight against those who tell the truth.”.

6.  the military invasion of our country . “We hate you because you invade our land. As long as there a parcel of land to win, jihad is a personal obligation for every Muslim.”

At the end of the article, the Islamist organization states that this last reason (concerning foreign policy) is only secondary, and it hates us for what we are.

“what is important to understand here is that although some may argue that it is your external policies that arouse our hatred, this specific reason to hate you is secondary. “