Pro-government forces have regained an important area in the center of the city of Sirte, a stronghold of the Islamic State organization, driving more jihadists, targets the eve of US strikes, authorities said Tuesday.

“Our forces have taken full control of al-Dollar district after Sunday launched assault by forces loyal” to the government of national unity (RNG) installed in Tripoli and recognized by the international community, said the media office of the forces pro-GNA on his Facebook page.

“The new front line is now located in the area between al-Dollar neighborhood and the Ouagadougou conference center” headquarters jihadists in Sirte, a stronghold of the organization Islamic state, located 450 km to east of Tripoli.

air strikes US

Five members of forces loyal to the government of national unity were killed in the fighting for the resumption of the district, according to a review of the military command of the operation for the recovery of Sirte.

This breakthrough pro-GNA forces was announced as the United States on Monday launched their first air strikes against positions of the IU in the city of the former president .

These strikes announced by Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and confirmed by the Pentagon were carried out at the request of GNA, according to both parties, but may not be clear if they helped the recovery of the neighborhood al-Dollar.

EI resistance strong

In favor of an offensive launched on May 12 to take Sirte, GNA forces entered June 9 in the city and besieged since jihadists.

Pro-GNA, however, were hampered by the strong resistance of jihadists who lead against attacks, including suicide bombings car.

Since the start of operations, more than 300 members of government forces were killed and more than 1 500 wounded, according to medical sources in Misrata, 200 km east of Tripoli and the operation command headquarters for the resumption Sirte.

It is in this office that Fayez al-Sarraj visited Monday. In a statement released on the government’s Facebook page, he promised to “use all the means at the disposal” of the EI forces fighting in Sirte to defeat the jihadist group.

These forces are composed of militia from the cities of western Libya, mainly those from Misrata who had shown during the revolt that led to the fall of the Muammar Gaddafi regime in 2011.

The EI had taken advantage of the chaos in which was plunged Libya to establish themselves in the country and seize Sirte in June 2015.