You prefer the cold shower that hot … and yet each one has its advantages. But the choice is back to practice either a cold shower or a hot shower. Try still occasionally hot shower and give you the news.

Contrary to what some people think, the hot shower has a significant health benefit.

It allows you to relax

The hot shower is relaxing and brings us a cocooning feeling and softness. It will allow vessels to dilate and cause better blood supply and oxygen.

It relieves stress

The hot water shower proves relaxing after a busy day. Stress leads to muscle tension, headache, fatigue and body aches. Then the hot bath will quickly help us to overcome the stress. Just because the heat increases blood flow and therefore the joints and muscles are thereby relieved. A god So, back pain, muscle aches and fatigue.

It opens the pores

It allows us to get rid of our dead cells and thereby regenerate our skin. The heat thus allows a large dilation of capillaries and opens the pores of the face and the entire surface of the skin.

It fights against insomnia

The hot water bath provides a feeling helping to fight against difficulties to fall asleep. It provides a satisfactory sleep and helps the insomniacs to get rid of depression, agitation, mood swings, memory loss, tension or attention deficits of the day. So, no need sleeping pills or physical exercises to sleep quickly. The hot water bath is in charge!

Wash with water does not mean we should exceed 39 ° C or drag on in the shower.