“Do not be afraid to tell the truth that the world is at war,” said Pope Francis Wednesday, July 27, on the plane taking him to Krakow, which hosts the World Youth Day (WYD). Taking the floor a few moments later, he said that when he speaks of war, “not talking about religious war. All religions want peace. ”

Twenty-four hours after the murder of Father Jacques Hamel in his church of Saint Etienne du Rouvray (Seine-Maritime) and after the attacks of recent weeks in France, Belgium and Germany, the head of the Catholic Church has taken the image he uses since his election in March 2013, of “pieces by war” that would affect many countries.

“There was one in 1914 and that of 1939 to 1945, and now this. It is perhaps not as organic. Organized, yes, but not as organic. But this is a war. ”

He said that for him, this war has its roots not in religion, but in issues “of interest, money, access to natural resources.”

“The President of France spoke to me like a brother”

Then the Argentine pontiff spoke of “this holy priest, who died just when he offered prayers for the whole Church. This is one [of the victims of this war]. But how many Christians, how many innocent people, children! Believe in Nigeria, for example. “The Pope also thanked everyone who sent in their condolences Church,” and in a special way the President of France, who wanted to talk to me on the phone as a brother. ”

President Francois Hollande, who had met with the pope Tuesday evening, Wednesday received the religious authorities of France at the Elysee.