Preparing your body and mind

It is important to warn you against physical difficulties you’ll encounter during your pilgrimage. We keep saying we need to go rather young and healthy, because it’s a long race and lasts during which he must learn to be patient and endurance.

But know one thing: if we told you the worst galleys, nothing would prevent you from answering the call of the Lord to the Holy Land.

“If God calls me, I will not refuse the invitation”

Nothing is more beautiful than a pilgrimage, even though there would be difficulties, you can fully enjoy the spirituality of the trip, provided still be there prepared beforehand physically and morally .

A month before , make a good living magnesium or other mixture prescribed by your doctor or grandmother who knows the foods to ingest to prepare his body in an effort over a long period .

Always provide you with the cereal bars for athletes but also sweet foods (chocolate bars, candies, sugar cubes ..) and this should vowed would malaise (hypoglycemia) or you pilgrims who you accompany.

Know that sleeps very little accomplishing his pilgrimage.
Wanting to make the most, one sacrificed his sleep.

Stock up on sleep before leaving , but do not overdo it, if you get used to sleeping too much, you can not get up early for prayers once there and the few hours of sleep you will be obliged to you grant will suffice you more.

If you are used to sleep 10 hours a day and take your car to pick up the bread at the corner, you are not really ready for the efforts you spend during your Hajj ouOmra .
It is important, before undertake such a journey, much to prepare her body for the effort.
you have to take several weeks in advance. This is not to register for the triathlon, a few small exercises will do.
Learn to walk (half an hour a day is a good habit), train your body a little more effort and endurance.

It is essential to make an appointment with his doctor before going to Mecca, in order that you advise onprecautions, medications to take to your aid kit, but you make a balance sheet complete to determine if your physical condition allows you to perform the pilgrimage or not.
a provision also take appointments with the dentist as a toothache or badly treated caries during Tawaf, not what you could get better.
Going to the gynecologist for women, and take precautions to not having her period in full rites.

Already indispensable for visa formalities , vaccines protect your body against diseases and infections that could be easily caught because of direct contact with pilgrims from around the world.

Children must also have update all vaccinations provided according to their age in the immunization schedule.

 Preparing your mind

The pilgrimage is a spiritual journey: It is essential for the validity of his pilgrimage, the intention is sincere with God in his or her Hajj Umrah, and in all its actions in accordance with the Sunnah (tradition of the Prophet SAW).
This is the two essential conditions for the validity and acceptance of his pilgrimage. you will learn: 

– Rituals,

– The invocations,

– Verses from the Koran,

– The Basics of Islam

– To live in community.

 We advise anyone who wants to perform Hajj or Umrah, study well the rites of the pilgrimage in the light of the Holy Corant and Sunnah in order to avoid discrepancies (See rites of Hajj and Umrah)

Remember that 90% of the pilgrimage rites are invocations (for Tawaf Al, Al Saayi Arafat, etc.). It would therefore be useful to prepare before you go.

Try to learn by heart the invocations to say in every place and every situation.
While we can have our little book of invocations, it is still better to know them by heart to be more focused and enjoy the invocation.

Because it is still more interesting to prayers with Sûrats of your choice and include more than three lines.

Every Muslim must hold a minimum of culture’s religion .

Enjoy this spiritual journey to cultivate the fullest and to know all the guidelines of Islam, its history, the Holy Places by excellence. You will not have better opportunity to do so.

The pilgrimage to Mecca will expose you to a real intimacy with the other pilgrims, you will share your meals, rites, prayers and even your hotel room.

It is important to learn to live with other Muslims , be more helpful and easier to use.
Do not hesitate to give way to older, to share information that others need, to give advice, to be kind, etc.

The pilgrimage to Mecca is compulsory only if we fully have thephysical means (to be healthy), but also financial .
It is essential that the pilgrim will have no debts or outstanding loans.
The pilgrim must also ensure that the expenses for Hajj or Umrah come from lawful income and earned honestly.

Risks and Precautions

Here are some safety precautions to observe during your pilgrimage:

– In the desert (Mina, Muzdalifah, Arafat), avoid walking barefoot and lie down on the floor. To prevent germs, always allow a floor mat;

Avoid contact with animals , same familiar: Rabies is widespread in the world. Although its main vector is the dog, all mammals (cats, monkeys, bats, fennec foxes, camels …) can transmit the virus responsible for the disease. This is contained in the saliva of the animal.
The transmission can therefore be not only bite or scratch, but also by licking at a very minimal wound, orsaliva contact with a mucous membrane (projection in the eye or mouth);

Protect yourself from insect bites . Apply repellents on exposed parts of the body and wear long-sleeved clothing (when you are not in ihram);

– Take time to rest, on arrival and between every stage of your pilgrimage
– Beware of physical exertion and prolonged during the hot weather;

– Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat, sunglasses, light clothing in natural fibers of light color, and the application on the exposed skin surface of filter products (When you are not ihram);

Avoid “The Rawda”, in Medina, during the day , the best time to go is between 22h and midnight;

– Be careful to distinguish between “real” property beggars in need, scammers who present you a ready speech;

– Pay attention to the stones for the stoning ritual , even if the authorities take more effective measures to secure the area during the pilgrimage;

After returning from pilgrimage

Quickly consult your doctor or the nearest emergency department of your home, at the slightest disturbance, particularly in cases of fever, headache, stiff neck, nausea, vomiting.
Further information on precautions health to take on a trip, is available on the website of the Institut Pasteur.