Our prayers, invocations, the help we can provide the needy, useful activities for the community, the comfort that it brings to the orphan children’s education, their education … All these good deeds take time. It is important to use our time in the best ways, to go to the essential, and when you have children, give them maximum attention.

The importance of giving time to children

Allow time to her child, as his spouse is already a proof of love in itself. Three to four times a week, it is paramount to grant exclusive fifteen to twenty minutes minimum tranches each member of his household. An exclusive time. Why ? To address the emotional needs of each. These exclusive time have the advantage to be released anywhere, anytime. In the car on the way to school, in bed at bedtime in the garden in the afternoon, the square on Saturday … Just follow a few simple rules to enable the child to meet daily emotional, and thereby make it joyful, serene, and so cooperative.Focus on the needs to be met:

The need for security

An exclusive time means that NOTHING can disrupt the exchange that is set up for 10, 20 or 40 minutes to choose. The phone is ringing ? New technologies allow you to find out who called and recall it later. Another family member asks you? Put the record straight during the time of exclusivity, you are there for your playing partner! The postman rings? Joker, but cut exclusive time requires you to restart it.

When the child feels that you are there, 100% “to him”, he feels safe. Gradually a trust settled and understands that nothing will disturb this privileged moment.

Secondly, you have to stand at the appointed time . If you agreed to spend 20 minutes together when the time is up, you must start each of your responsibilities, with gentleness and understanding. This will secure doubling the child, even if he makes some claims. It is assured that its parent keeps his word.


The need for love, pleasure and freedom

An exclusive in time means a quality time allowed . Portable off, body relaxed, eye to eye, listening, smiles … Your child does not need anything else. This gift you made ​​him thinking only of him gives him all the love he needs. When you get home from work, instead of stopping to buy him a tinker, prefer to go fast and sit on the carpet of his room to play with the little horses. There is no greater gift to him …

The need for pleasure is filled from the time the child does something that pleasesduring this exclusive time. The goal is that it calls the shots a few minutes to reverse the habits, let him choose the activity that makes her happy. A coloring, reading a book, play with Playmobil or dinette … The need for freedom is also well filled.

The need for competence

The need for competence is not least to fill. By observing and commenting on what your child, you develop the esteem they need to build. During these few minutes, should come out of your mouth as positive. Describe only what he / she did.

Your daughter serves you tea and salad? ”  Hmm, you served me a large cup of tea and a salad, you have prepared with love! “. Your son built his tower kapla wrong? ” I’m amazed that takes your turn so you gradually put your bricks until your building is taller than you! “. Finally your daughter is so excited that she overlaps her coloring? ”  You crayon dynamically, at this rate you will have completed your coloring quickly. “.

The child has the ability to adapt it self-corrects what. Preserve these rare moments and accept the other as it is, with its qualities and defects, without judgments or remonstrance.

print cards to buy time


Here is the tutorial to cans of ”  time cards “. The six green cards are the times that we offer, six credit cards are the time that one “calling”. Follow the steps below to have your pretty box “time cards” that you can then decorate as desired.

1 – Download the PDF file ,
2 – Print the first two leaves “time cards”,
3 – Cut out twelve cards and laminate (or print on thick paper)
4 – Put the box on thick paper,
5 – Perform cutting, folding and gluing as below:

tutorial-box cards-long love-oumzaza

It’s your turn, let this handy box for the whole family. For small children who can not read the numbers, agree that when you tend a map, it is 15 minutes (for example). To frame the outset things, explain to your children that the box can only be used once per day between two people.

May God enable us to be good educators, He approved our actions, He does for our children humble beings, pious, upright and honest, performing their prayers on time.