Seventeen Malian soldiers were killed Tuesday in the attack Nampala the main military camp, 500 kilometers northeast of Bamako. The government denounced a “coordinated terrorist” operation, claimed by both armed groups and a Fulani jihadist.

“We lost 17 ​​men and 35 wounded deplore all of which were transported to nursing units in the Segou region,” announced the evening of July 19 the Defense Minister Tieman Hubert Coulibaly on public television. Earlier, the government had reported “12 dead and thirty wounded” among the soldiers in the attack that morning Nampala the main military campin central Mali.

“We will ensure that this coordinated terrorist attack that has been on our positions Nampala be subject to an appropriate response,” assured the minister of defense. Regarding the situation in Nampala Tuesday night, it assured that “Fama (Malian Armed Forces) take the city” and carry out operations to find the attackers, he said.

Ansar Eddine also claims responsibility

The attack was initially claimed to the AFP by an official of the “National Alliance for safeguarding the Fulani identity and restoration of justice (ANSIPRJ),” a political armed movement whose creation by Oumar Aldjana was announced in June after the violence against this community. “We claim the attack on Tuesday against the Nampala military camp in self-defense sign,” said Sidy Cissé, deputy secretary general of the ANSIPRJ in a brief telephone conversation with a journalist from theAFP . The group reported eight dead and eleven wounded military side, “and three wounded in its ranks. He also reported recovering “five pickup trucks and two carriers of troops.”

The armed Fulani group has no major logistics to conduct this operation alone

Security sources in the region, however, expressed to AFP doubts about the authenticity of this claim. One of them said the armed Fulani group was “not the major logistics to carry only a transaction of this nature.” Tuesday night, the Defence Minister also expressed reservations. “A group issued a claim. We are cautious. We are trying to link the behavior “of the attackers Nampala and procedures” of the various terrorist groups operating in this part of Mali, “he said.

Late Tuesday night, a new claim was issued by the Malian jihadist group Ansar Eddine in a statement released by SITE, the US central monitoring of jihadist websites. In this text, Ansar Eddine – founded by former Malian Tuareg rebel Iyad Ag Ghaly – claimed to have conducted a “very big attack” against the barracks Nampala, killing “tens of soldiers.” The attackers are members of the “battalion of Macina,” Macina is the traditional designation of part of central Mali.

Attacks against the armed forces

The European Union (EU), with a mission to Mali, which leads the army of this country, denounced Tuesday night attack “unacceptable.” It “adds to the long list of targeted violence against national and international forces in Mali to secure and facilitate the implementation of the Peace Agreement, is unacceptable,” the perpetrators “must be held accountable to the justice, “she said, as the UN mission in Mali (Minusma)  is regularly bereaved by attacks against its troops. .