The miracles of the Prophet ( ‘alaihi wasallam) concerning animals are as impressive as each other. Animals that greet him, talking to him, that worship him, or who complain to him about their master … In short, as beautiful moving accounts!

We will discuss three, through the book “Miracles of the Prophet” written by the eminent scholar Ibn Kathir (may Allah have mercy on him). These three miracles are the prostration of a camel in front of the Messenger of Allah (alaihi wasallam), a camel who speaks to him to complain of his master and a wolf bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

“He came and worshiped him”

A camel prostrated before the Messenger of Allah (alaihi wasallam) as he could not stand any human being or any workload. This is a miracle to be highlighted because it insha’Allah camel has demonstrated that with docility the Prophet ( ‘alaihi wasallam).We need to understand this, recount the story of Imam Ahmed.

Indeed, the latter reported that Anas ibn Malik (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “Members of a Medinan family had a camel that they use to irrigate their fields, and it became restive camel and prevented put anything on his back. They went to the Messenger of Allah (alaihi wasallam) and said, “Messenger of Allah, we have a camel that we use for irrigation, but became uncooperative and prevents us from putting something on his back. Now our wheat fields and our palms start to dry out. “The Prophet ( ‘alaihi wasallam) said to his companions:” Follow me. ” He entered the field where the camel was and approached him. The Auxiliary exclaimed, “Prophet of Allah!He became like a mad dog! We fear lest he attack you! – It will not do me any harm, “replied the Prophet ( ‘alaihi wasallam). When the camel saw the Prophet ( ‘alaihi wasallam), he approached and worshiped him. The Prophet ( ‘alaihi wasallam) grabbed his cheek and quietly took him to where he had to work. […]. ”

This miracle shows that this camel knew that it was the Messenger of Allah (alaihi wasallam). He therefore recognized, and therefore, he prostrated. Specify all the same, as said the Prophet ( ‘alaihi wasallam) that “it belongs to no human being to prostrate before a human being.”

“He complained to me saying that you starving and that you épuisais”

Another camel, meanwhile, complained to the Messenger of Allah (alaihi wasallam) the mistreatment of his master. This miracle is just as impressive as the camel recognized the Prophet ( ‘alaihi wasallam), he approached him to complain and he hoped a comfort, because the Prophet (‘ alaihi wa salat salam) was recognized for its exemplary behavior and therefore his gentleness, his understanding and his big heart.
thus Imam Ahmed reported that ‘Abd Allah ibn Ja’far said: “One day the Messenger of Allah (alayhi wasallam) made ​​me ride behind and takes me about that I should not disclose to anyone. When Allah’s Messenger ( ‘alayhi wasallam) would make his needs, he hid behind a mound or in a palm grove. One day he entered a grove belonging to an Auxiliary Medina when suddenly a camel came to him blatérant and crying. The Messenger of Allah (alaihi wasallam) flattered the hump and neck and camel calmed down. “Who owns this camel? “Asked the Prophet ( ‘alaihi wasallam). A young Medina said: “This camel for me, O Messenger of Allah! – Do not you fear Allah in your behavior with this animal that Allah has placed in your possession? “Asked the Messenger of Allah. “He complained to me saying that you starving and that you épuisais. ”

This miracle shows that this camel knew that Allah’s Messenger ( ‘alayhi wasallam) could settle his situation. In addition, this story highlights the great compassion and gentleness of the Prophet ( ‘alaihi wasallam), both with men than animals.

The wolf that bear witness that Muhammad (saws) is the messenger of Allah

Another miracle, equally impressive was held through a wolf. It spoke like a man in order to affirm the prophetic mission which has been granted to the Prophet Muhammad ( ‘alaihi wasallam). Let us return together on this remarkable masha’Allah!

Imam Ahmed reported from Abu Sa’id al Khudri (may Allah be pleased with him): “A wolf grabbed a sheep. The shepherd went on and managed to take his sheep. The wolf sat down and said, “Do you not fear Allah to tear me that He granted me? “Stunned, the shepherd said,” This is amazing! A wolf that speaks the language of men! “The wolf said:” Do you want that I announce what is more extraordinary than what you just saw?Mohamed: a man who lives in Yathrib (Medina) and informs people of past events. “The shepherd took the road to Medina with his cattle, penned in the neighborhood of the city, then went to report the fact to the Messenger of Allah (alaihi wasallam). The Prophet (alayhi wasallam) made the call to prayer in common. When everyone meets, he said to the shepherd: “Inform them! “. The shepherd told the event. “He said true. By Him who holds Muhammad’s soul in His hand, the Hour will not come until the carnivorous speak to man, that speak the tip of his wand and the laces of his shoe and his thigh will informed of what did his family during his absence. “A wolf who claims that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah !! SobhanAllah !! Animals recognized the Messenger of Allah (alaihi wasallam), spoke to him and claimed that he was the Messenger of Allah! That extraordinary miracles, and much more …

Prayer and salvation of our Lord are the best of creatures. May Allah save us on the path of His Messenger, that of righteousness.

By Oum Ayoub