Allah (swt)  , the Most High said:

{The first house that was built for the people, it is that of Bakka (Mecca) blessed and a guidance for the worlds. In it are clear signs, including the place where Ibrahim stood up; and whoever enters it is safe. And it is a duty to Allah for people who can afford to go make the pilgrimage to the House. And whoever disbelieves in Allah … Happens widely worlds}  [Surah 3 – Verses 96- 97]


It is the fact of going to Mecca to perform the worship of the tour around the Kaaba, walking between Safa and Marwa, the station at Arafat and other necessary cults , while obeying the order of Allah (swt)  and seeking His pleasure. It is one of the five principles of Islam and a known obligation in the religion. He who denies its existence and obligation is considered a disbeliever and apostate.
This is chosen by most of the ‘ulama is that its obligation took place in the six year of Hegira at the revelation of the verse: {and Allah to accomplish the pilgrimage and the Umrah}  [Surah 2 – verse 196]

The order of completion means the beginning of the obligation.This is affirmed by the recitation of ‘Alqami Masruq and Ibrahim Al-Nakh’y. According to Ibn Al-Qayem, prescription pilgrimage took place in year nine or ten.

Parliament has pushed people to perform the pilgrimage, in this context it was reported that:

The pilgrimage is one of the acts preferable

From Abu Hurayra (ra) asked the Messenger of Allah (swt):

“What is the best deed? ”   –   He replied,” To believe in Allah (swt) and His Messenger ” –   They said:” Then after? ”  ” Then fight for the sake of Allah (swt). ” -” So what? ”   ” Hajj accepted ” 

Al-Hasan said: “We must hate the pilgrim’s life here and there like that of beyond”

Hajj is Jihad

1. According to Hasan ibn ‘Ali (ra) a man came to the Prophet (saw):

“I am cowardly and weak.” He replied: “Go to the Holy War without penalty: Hajj”  [Reported by Abdul-Razzak and Tabarâny]

2. From Abu Hurayra (ra) that the Prophet (saw) said:

“The Holy War of the old, the weak and the woman is the Hajj” [Reported by Nassa-i according to a fairly good transmission]

3 . According to ‘Aisha – May Allah be pleased with her ​​- she asked the Prophet (saw):

“O Messenger of Allah! You say that jihad is the best deed, then do we not do jihad? “He replied,” To you women, the best Jihad is a sincere Hajj ” [Reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

4. And they narrated from ‘Aisha – May Allah be pleased with her ​​- she asked the Prophet (saw):

“O Messenger of Allah! Do not we need to conquer and make jihad with you? “He replied,” The best and most beautiful Jihad for you women is a pilgrimage, a pilgrimage sincere. ” ‘Aisha – May Allah be pleased with her, said: “I’ll never stop to perform the pilgrimage after hearing the words of the Prophet (saw)”

Hajj erases the sins

1. From Abu Hurayra (ra) the Messenger of Allah (saw)  said:

“Whoever performs Hajj without committing sins, will return from Hajj pure as it was when his mother gave birth to”  [Reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

2. ‘Amr Ibn Al-As (ra) said:

“When I converted to Islam I went to the Messenger of Allah (saw) and I said, ‘Stretch out your hand for me to certify that you are The Guide” He continued: “He spread hand, but I withdrew mine. He asked me, “What’s the matter ‘Amr? “I said,” On one condition. ” He said, “What is it? “I replied,” Allah (swt)  forgive me? “He replied:” Do not you know that Islam erases what was before him, and AH destroyed what was before it, and the Hajj destroyed – clear – what was before him ” [Reported by Muslim]

3. According to ‘Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (ra) the Messenger of Allah (saw)  said:

“Continue to make the pilgrimage and the pious visit because they exterminate poverty and sins as it expels the dross of iron, gold and silver. The sincere Hajj has no other reward than Paradise ” [Reported by Nassa-i and Tirmidhy] 

Pilgrims are delegates of Allah

From Abu Hurayra (ra) the Messenger of Allah (saw) said:

“Those who make the pilgrimage and those who do the pious visit the delegates of Allah (swt) . If they call upon him, He will answer their call and they ask His forgiveness, He will grant them ” [Reported by Nassa-i, Ibn Majah, Ibn Khuzayma and Ibn Hibban, and they said: ” The delegates Allah (swt)  is the peregrine, the one that makes the devout visit and the conqueror ” ]

The reward of Hajj is Paradise

1. Al-Bukhari and Muslim (ra) narrated from Abu Hurayra that the Messenger of Allah (saw)  said: Any small mistake is erased between two Umrah, sincere Hajj reward is surely paradise”
2. Ibn Jurayj reported, according to a good chain of transmission, according to Jabir r (a) that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “This house is the case of Islam, whoever heads it intending to do Hajj or visit the pious, Allah (swt)  guarantees that if he gets his soul, he will go to heaven, and if he goes home, he will carry with him a great reward “