That’s already 10 days that Ramadan is our host, the first decade ended any mercy. Time flies at a breakneck pace, a single watchword: stay the course, stay focused on the end goal, the satisfaction of Allah.

Every passing day will not come back, but every day that happens is hope for more. One more opportunity to get closer to Allah. In this holy month, let us ensure that the smallest of our actions is to obtain his satisfaction. Whether it takes a smile, a comforting word, a visit to a relative or a sick, alms, prayer, reading, reciting or listening to the Qur’an, all these actions are motivated by hope the believer to please Allah.

The Prophet (saw) encourages us to please Allah during this month of patience, competing in good works.

“Allah is watching you compete ardently for this purpose and it boasts of you with His angels. Show Allah the best of yourselves, because is very unfortunate one who is deprived of the mercy of Allah, Mighty and Majestic. ”   (Reported by Ibn Majah)