A police commander was killed by stabbing Monday night outside his home in Magnanville in Yvelines, west of Paris, by an individual who then retreated into the house of the policeman. The raid occurred. The assailant, who has claimed the Islamic State group, was shot dead. An anti-terrorism investigation was launched.

The assailant shot the officer outside his home of multiple stab wounds. He then cut off at the home of police chief.

The Raid (elite unit of the national police) arrived on scene around 21:30 and set up a security perimeter around the residence of the victim. Negotiations have been established with the aggressor who said holding hostages inside the house. ” Contacts have been established several times in order to resolve this situation ,” said Pierre-Henry Brandet, spokesman of the Interior Ministry.

The madman shot

But these have not given anything. the detonations were then heard. And following the intervention of the raid around midnight, the gunman was shot, according to the prosecutor of Versailles.

Policemen Raid then entered the house of the policeman where they discovered the corpse of the wife of the commander, itself administrative secretary to the police of Mantes-la-Jolie. A little boy of 3 years, the couple’s son, he has been found safe, but shocked by the police.

The assailant has claimed the Islamic State group

For now, neither the identity nor the motives of the assailant has not been established. But just hours after QAMA agency linked to the jihadist group said that ”  the Islamic State fighter  ” had killed the couple near Paris, according to the US center monitoring of jihadist websites SITE .

And according to police sources quoted by AFP, the man would have claimed the Islamic State group during negotiations with the Raid. Witnesses also reported investigators he reportedly shouted ”  Allah akbar  ” attacking the police.

The terrorism prosecutor took up the investigation.

Meeting at the Elysee Palace on Tuesday morning

The policeman died, aged 42, was stationed at the police station of Les Mureaux (Yvelines).President Hollande assured that ” all light will be shed  ” and he called a meeting at the Elysee Palace on Tuesday morning.

The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, has he expressed ”  infinite sadness  “. He announced that he would visit on Tuesday morning at the ” Commissariat of Mureaux and Mantes-la-Jolie  ” to ”  witness the solidarity of the government  .”