The Minister of Housing and Social Housing, Gnamien Konan met Thursday with his Cabinet accredited promoters as part of the presidential program of social housing launched three years ago. This meeting in the Minister Konan Gnamien aimed to inform sponsors of the proposal, subject to government approval, the State redeemed all social housing that will build developers, through the Support Fund for Housing (FSH). The cost housing could be affected if a global offer includes 65% of social housing. Aware that this proposal could not be possible without a viable financial package, the Minister Konan Gnamien said he will propose to the Government the establishment of a guarantee fund for property loans, which will be powered by at least 50% of duties and taxes on cement import. Gnamien Konan reminded developers build their commitments including 90% of social housing in height. He therefore warned all promoters who do not respect these commitments, the risk of being excluded from the presidential program of social housing. “The state will take control” in order to boost the program launched three years ago, insisted the minister Gnamien Konan. He also denounced the choice made ​​by some developers to build housing for destinations standings of another type of customer as defined by the program, while they enjoy the program benefits including tax exemptions and well others. developers in general welcomed the Minister’s proposals come as a breath of fresh air. They promised to work with the Ministry to the effective implementation of the presidential program of social housing. To recap, the presidential program of social housing is to 2020, the construction of 150,000 units, 60% of social housing.