Deputy spokesman of the Ivorian government, Affoussiata-Bamba Lamine said Wednesday that “no content and timing” were arrested on the announced revision of the Constitution, stating that “the terms will be given at the appropriate time” after a Council of Ministers.

“The initiative for constitutional amendment for the President of the Republic, for the moment no content has been mentioned, everyone is unanimous that there are aspects conflictogènes but no timetable has been arrested,” said Ms. Bamba-Lamine.
“All terms will be given at the right time and the timing,” said she continued, adding that “we must not prejudge the discussions that will take place.”

In his speech at the New Year occasion, Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara announced a referendum to end of 2016 in order to “root out conflictogènes items” of the current Constitution, and “adapt to changing (the ) company and ensure greater consistency in (the) institutions “of the country.
This project Ouattara stirs debate within the political class and civil society. While some call for a “consensual” Constitution, others suspect the head of state of wanting to “be a candidate in 2020” after his second term.

Article 35 laying down the conditions of eligibility for the Presidency of the Republic has been a source of controversy for several years in the Ivory Coast.