They were five in number. M’Baye Salif, aka Lenoir, Abdoulaye Sylla, alias Abu Champion, Banse alias Abdul Nourou the whirlwind, Sangaré Siriki alias Drogba and Drah President Mohamed were arrested by agents of the Platform for Combating Cybercrime (PLCC). They are all suspected of practicing cybercrime.

In the premises of the PLCC, analysis of items in their possession, the Digital Forensics Laboratory (NRL), the Directorate of Information and Technology Traces (DITT) has uncovered numerous false documents (administrative , banking). Among them, threatening messages, the MTCN codes, codes pcs, videos and pictures of a sexual nature, distress messages and messages of love. Furthermore, videos and pictures where the suspects exhibited with bundles of banknotes in their home, in cars, in bars and nightclubs were also discovered.
Nominees M’Baye Salif aged 23, Banse Abdul aged 21 were arrested in the company of RAIMI ABDOULAYE aka “COMMISSIONER 5500” .When Abdoulaye Sylla 20 years old, Sangaré Siriki aged 20 and Drah Mohamed aged 17 years, were arrested in conversation on social lesréseaux with people of European type. They operate with profiles of girls as European type. They were intercepted during the search of the home of Commissioner 5500, located in Kumasi Embankments.
Questioned all the suspects claim to be cyber-crooks. They add that their specialty is “love chat” (scam feelings). The referred DRAH MOHAMED, he claims to work for SANGARÉ Siriki who is his mentor in the business of cybercrime.
Ultimately, the suspects could be prosecuted for fraudulent use of identification of physical and moral persons elements scam bandeorganisée online. They were taken to the relevant authorities to answer the charges against them.