Barely folklore funeral ended, a lively debate has begun to pace the platform to rumors and talks shows: it is the absence of Koffi Olomide all ceremonies preceding the burial of Papa Wemba. What about the Grand Mopao. Not even a shadow of his funeral Papa Wemba, apart from a video posted on the day the death. Here are the real reasons for this.

In the late 70s, Koffi Olomide, then a student in a large Bordeaux Business School in France, regularly descended on holiday in the former Zaire. Once home, he tried his music alongside Wemba, considered then as the guardian tree around which gravitated Kinshasa many young people, especially fans of music in his neighborhood of Village at Molokai neighborhood Matongé in Kinshasa. Congo knew at the time a flowering of musical groups, encouraged by the state. This was the period of the golden age of the music of Zaire of the time excelled TP OK Jazz Luambo Makiadi “Franco” Tabuley Rochereau, the band Zaiko Langa, the Empire Bakuba Pepe Kalle, etc …
Congolese music, for history has always been marked by a generational war embodied by challengers driven by an unquestionable leadership of desire. This is the case of arrival and Kabassele. Until their disappearance, these two artists fought a war without thank you. It is the same for JB MPIANA and Werrason, defectors from WENGE BCBG, engaged currently in a fierce fight.
After Franco and Joseph Kabassele, Wemba and Koffi Olomide have taken over this trench warfare, maintained by fans interposed. Almost everything was fine between Papa Wemba and Koffi Olomide when the latter was still writing songs for that Wemba. When he is invited into the circle of singers, Koffi Olomide will therefore be in conflict with Papa Wemba.
Moreover, the legend, the nickname of Olomidé flows from an exclamation of Papa Wemba that, to emphasize the intelligence of Koffi who had offered him a brilliant idea, exclaimed: “Oh, man ideas “… But since he has also begun releasing albums, has it become a” danger “for Wemba considered at the time as the sole leader of his generation. Very smart, the former economics student Koffi Olomide what will therefore operate to debunk the big tree with strong roots buried in the depths of the Congolese music that was Papa Wemba. His strategy? Nipple Papa Wemba through songs with provocative texts … “Dad Top,” “Letter A” “Professor of students” are among other sounding titles and nicknames that Koffi Olomide was attributed, in this “bloody duel” with Papa Wemba.
The “Wake-Up” album: the attempt of reconciliation …
Time elapsed between the first success “Enrique” Koffi Olomide and of the albums “Act” and “Attack” real tubes that propelled Koffi Olomide atop the big stars of African music, just like Dad Wemba. The student joins his former teacher, the trainer of idols, “The Foridol” as Wemba himself liked to call himself. The Grand Mopao has even become a real ogre, a tough opponent on the national scene.
Reach the 90 Koffi Olomide riding the wave N’Dombolo, lining tubes on tubes. Meanwhile, Papa Wemba was placed under the control of Peter Gabriel. His music himself, wife sounds contours called “Wold-Music”. Especially with the album “Maria Valencia”, with clean melodic lines, completely diverted from traditional Congolese rumba.
If the experience of Papa Wemba with Peter Gabriel is successful, internationally, it is less so for ordinary Congolese music lover who does not understand the mutation that Papa Wemba impulse to his music. On that turn 200 degrees fire Tabuley Rochereau had told us this in Brazzaville, thanks to the Fespam in 2001: “You see young man, Wemba has failed ” congolaisement ”, with the direction it gave to his music. “Tabuley was speaking, compared to the music of Wemba and Koffi Olomide that of which at that time was firing on all cylinders, with concerts in spades in the prestigious halls of Africa and Europe.
In 1996, the Sonodisc record company tried to bring the two icons. The album “Wake-Up” was all found alibi. Again, Papa Wemba and Koffi Olomide are satisfied that does just smiles exchanged before the flashes of photographers. Just for the cause. And then nothing thereafter. They never were able to record all video or do a concert. Each having taken his place in the trenches to continue the virtual battle. “This album ‘Wake-Up’ ‘was done on purpose to bring the two artists. It was the goal of the game. Unfortunately, the attempt did not work, “says producer David Monsoh, otherwise agent Sonodisc.
Papa Wemba reaches out in vain …
It was in this mano a mano until 2015 when Papa Wemba officially married, Mama Rose with Amazon. In the list of guests included Koffi Olomide. Despite their squabbling, Wemba has sent a formal invitation to Koffi Olomide. But no one knows why, Koffi Olomide was unable to attend the wedding of Wemba. While the occasion was appropriate for him to seize the outstretched hand of big brother to seal their reconciliation. Koffi Olomide what about this event, which had thus fueled the controversy dear to the Congolese. Not even the attempt at reconciliation orchestrated by a Congolese patron. This further attempt at rapprochement s’ was unsuccessful.
So Koffi Olomide and Papa Wemba were opposed, until the death of the latter, on the stage of FEMUA on 24 April in Abidjan.