They will not even have to play. After the draw with Tottenham to Chelsea (2-2) Monday night, the English club Leicester was crowned king of England and is invited by the front door in the history of the Premier League, with an unprecedented feat achieved face the biggest clubs in the kingdom.

Great leaders and revelations of the season, the Foxes find their first title in 132 years of existence, one year after a holding in the Premier League snatched in extremis. An outcome that no one imagined in the early season, when the club was quoted at 5,000 against a by bookmakers.

But nothing might have been possible without the revelations of previously unknown players that have put the “small” Midlands club at the top of English football. Among them, the Franco-Malian N’Golo Kanté and Algerian international Riyad Mahrez,named best player of the Premier League on April 24, that no African, not even Didier Drogba, had managed before him.

Riyad Mahrez, a “magician”

The 25-year-old shone particularly since joining the English club. The Algerian international has 17 goals to his name in 34 games played. Described as “magician” by his teammates, the child of Sarcelles (Paris suburb) is based on a very pure technique and devastating dribbling. After the coronation of his team, the player has left his joy exploded on Twitter:

At the time in the second division Leicester recruited him in 2014 while playing for French Ligue 2 Le Havre. The Foxes had paid 500 000 euros for the player to slender physique. Two years later, he is now nearly 40 times. Olympique de Marseille may therefore bite the fingers to have snubbed last summer.