Praise be to Allah.
Which is delivered by the stomach results a reaction which assimilates vomiting while appealing a judgment lighter. In this regard, a discrepancy opposes the scholars on two issues. The first concerns the purification and second wudoo. Notice the best wishes argued that the substance is pure and does not break the wudu. Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen (may Allah him have mercy) said in his comment on al-Kaafi (3/177): “This does not prove the impurity of vomit. It is well known that often happens to people of to throw up. If the vomit was unfit to Many factors have necessitated transmitting its cleaning. He is still well known that toddlers vomit their moms. But we did not receive the Prophet (blessings and salvation be upon him) ordered to clean splashed places the vomit of a young child. Yet he gave the order to wash everything who is affected by urine and explained provision in this case. The fact that him to be quiet on vomit indicates she is not impure. “(…). If this is and for vomiting, it is the even more so for regurgitation. The Maliki, Rushd, has chosen to support the
cleanliness reflux resulting from the regurgitation and thought it does not invalidate the
pray. Incidentally, he wrote: “In the opinion spread, the one who vomits unintentionally
or lets the reflux regurgitation during prayer or during fasting incurs nothing. If he represses food while being able to let them out, he more suitable to feed a divergence views about disability and his fast his prayer. If it pushes food through forgetfulness or unintentionally, the act is subject two opinions. “(Al-Taj extract wal Iklil (2/12)). (Al-wat Bayaan Tahssil (1/472)
; Moulkhtassari Sharh Khalil al-Kharchi (1/243). Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibrahim (may
Allah have mercy on him) said: ” For reflux, the best-argued opinion wants his output does not break ablutions, even if he was impure. In other words, even if we would judge improper, its release will not cause wudoo. That said, if you do not have anything cleaned during your prayer, it remains valid. Allah knows best.
(Source: Islam Q & A)