To mark the World Day of the Sick is celebrated every February 11 Oustaz Sawadogo Lacina, teacher trainer at the Islamic Center of Training and Documentation (CIFOD) delivered a sermon on Friday 26 February 2016. The intervention of the imam will revolve around three main points: the eyes of Islam on disease, how to deal with the disease and duties of Muslim vis-à-vis the patient. Praise be to Allah who has the disease a test for the believer.          May the peace of Allah and His blessings infinite be upon the Prophet Muhammad, his holy family, your distinguished companions and on all Muslims of the world until the day of resurrection.
I. What is Islam’s disease ?
Illness and health are among dualities in life. The disease can be physical or abstract (spiritual, mental, psychological). likewise it may be transient or chronic. In Islamic philosophy, disease is considered a test Allah, the Most High. The disease has the effect
of a soap; it purifies the soul of defects, and washing away the sins mistakes. She is in no way a sign of misfortune; because the Prophet Muhammad (peace and salvation on
him), the beloved of Allah was tested by disease, and the example of the Prophet Ayoub “Job” is very much alive in the material.
II. Attitudes to adopt towards the disease.
When it is reached by a disease, believer must have the following attitudes :
1- Accept faith, Decree
divine and tested. Allah says in a Koudsiy hadith (hadith Saint): “You are all sick, except one that I healed. ” This means that all humans are sick potential or patients who are unaware.
The Prophet (peace and salvation be upon him) says in education, “take five things before five other things “and among the five elements, he cites’ benefits health before the disease. ” To say that whatever our perfect health Today, we may be sick tomorrow.
2- Treat according to its
means ; because every disease has a remedy. “Allah has sent down no cure no disease, “says Prophet Muhammad (peace and on salvation him).
3. Demonstrate good patience endurance face the difficulties of treatment and disadvantages. What means respect of a diet ; hence the word “patient” is sometimes used in medicine to denote sick person.
4. Request the assistance of God so not to forget the grace and blessing health he received in past.
5- Do a lot of sadaqa (Sacrifices).
6. Having the certainty and conviction that Allah the Most High who heals.
Allah says in the koudsiy hadith (hadith saint) cited above: “you are all sick, except that I healed. Ask me So healing, I will heal you. ” What that is the responsibility of your doctor
contractor, Allah Most High remains the only true healer. It says: “The Medicine treats and heals but God that heals. ”
3) Duties of Muslim vis-à vis the patient
1- Pray and make Douas (Blessings) for his recovery.
2- visit him: the Prophet (peace and salvation be upon him) said: “A Muslim has six
duties to perform in respect of another “. He quotes “You visit him when he sick. ” The visitor must keep about hope the sick to the place and make customs Next taught by the Prophet
Muhammad (peace and salvation be upon him): ” Lord! Master of Men, cured, you’re the healer, if not healing it’s your healing; healing that dominates disease “(v the French customs). Visiting the sick in hospitals, clinics and health center is very important. It strengthens faith, it is a major act of worship. Now the Muslim community begins engage in this area is dominated by Christian groups. Indeed, we see more and more NGOs
and Muslim associations assist patients in health facilities and provide them with the
support they need. Allah in His goodness Using all these NGOs, associations and and their officers! Amine!
3- help financially, and materially within its means.
divine gift to the sick
The patient, faithful believer continue receive the payments and rewards acts of worship
(Supererogatory fasts, prayers nocturnal visits to parents etc.) then even he can no longer fulfill the because of illness. Allah The Almighty in His grace infinite assist us, grant healing our patients, gives them the strength to stand the test, and gives them the health! Amine Ya rabbal alanine.
Imam Sawadogo Lacina, Teacher
Trainer and Information Centre
Documentation (CIFOD), Deputy Imam
the Mosque of the Group of Sapeurpompiers
Military (GSPM) of Indénié