The National Commission for Reconciliation and compensation for victims of the crises in Côte d’Ivoire (Conariv) presented to the President of the Republic, its final report and the consolidated single file for victims of crises in Ivory Coast . It was Tuesday 19 April, at the presidential palace in Abidjan-Plateau.

About 874,056 records subject to audit cell, 316 954 were validated and released 557,102 giving a total of 36% of certified records and 64% rejected. According to the explanation of the commission, several reasons are the basis of the non-validation of the 557 and 102 files grouped into five main reasons. These duplicates 38.9% due to multiple registrations of some victims from the same NGO or more state or private structures both in charge of the registration of victims; without accompanying pieces records 36.5%; the misinformed or unusable forms 2.1%; cases of fraud and finally 12.3% of victims or witnesses unreachable 10.2%. Presenting the report to the Head of State, President of the Conariv, Bishop Simeon Ahouana, recalled that the repair is not that a step in the process of reconciliation that seeks to relieve victims and bring their state of compassion.”This step once started, it is the duty of the State to address the root causes of the successive crises that have weakened the social fabric. Evil is deep and it is appropriate now to put special emphasis on reconciliation initiatives in favor, “said Monsignor Ahouana. For Ahouana Simeon, it is time to strengthen dialogue at both EU and national level to to establish a time of mobilization, reflection and commitment of all actors of civil society and politics for a sustainable and effective reconciliation.

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