Praise be to Allah
For members of the community Supporters of the Sunna, faith is a affirmation of the heart (intimate adhesion), a verbal profession and practice. She has So three components:
1. The close bond;
2. The verbal expression;
3. Practice
Being as such, it is likely to increase and decrease as the close bond may vary in intensity. The admission of a Information is not like vision direct object information. The news brought by two men gives more certainty than that received a single man, etc. That’s about Ibrahim (Pbuh) said: “And when Abraham said,” Lord!
Show me how You give life to the dead, “Allah said:” Do not you growing? ” “If Abraham said, but my heart is reassured “” (Qur’an 2: 260).. Faith increases thanks to the close bond that provides the quietude and tranquility. It is verifiable by everyone. When there is a booster session where one delivers sermons and recalls paradise and hell, Faith intensifies as if it were found the heaven and hell firsthand. And when left the meeting and falls in
inadvertence, his certainty decreases. The increase of faith is also the real lyrically. Because the remembrance of Allah sometimes is much less important that do a hundred times. Similarly, one who practice the cult of perfect way to up with a faith more developed than
that of the faithful who practice the cult of incompletely. Similarly, the faith of faithful is measured by the amount of his good shares. The Qur’an and Sunnah confirm the increase and decrease of faith. AT About this, Allaah says: “We have assigned as guardians of the Fire that Angels. However, we have set in the number as a trial for the disbelievers, and also that those to whom the Book brought to be convinced, and grow the faith of those who believe, “(Qur’an 74: 31): “And whenever a surah is revealed there is some of them say: “Which one of between you has had his faith increased? “As for believe, it hath increased them in faith,
they rejoice. But those whose hearts is a disease, it adds doubt to their doubt, and they die in disbelief “(Qur’an 9: 124-125).. (…). “.
In short, faith waxes and wanes.
(Source: See the book Majmoo ‘Fataawa wa rassail his eminence Sheikh Sahih ibn Muhammad al-Uthaymeen, volume 1, p. 49).