Injonction made by the administrative authorities of the Béré area during a meeting held Thursday with populations Sarhala Faraba and in the sub-prefecture of Mankono.

The forest of red Bandaman Kani is now managed by the management unit of Korhogo and Dianra management center. And eviction according to the director of Korhogo management center, N’Guessan Koffi Apollinaire, aims to preserve the forest.
All homes and crops will be destroyed for reforestation. The forest will however be open to grazing and shoals will be hiring for the food but on presentation of a permit issued by the Dianra management center.
The forest of red Bandaman Kani is occupied by 90% of non-domestic and 10% national who cultivate 3,500 hectares of cocoa. These implore the mercy of the state.