Minister Jean-Louis Billon and his wife were the guests of honor at the inauguration of the age group Nigbessi the village of Grand Boubloury. Sought as a sponsor of the event, the minister had a special day this Saturday, April 9 in the town of Dabou, Adjoukrou cradle of culture. It is now the godchildren Minister Jean-Louis Billon, the Nigbessi which are the new holders of political and religious power in Grand Bouboury. They were sacred, Saturday, April 9, 2016, in the presence of the Minister and his wife. They thus gained the category of village elders. The Minister of Commerce and his wife were greeted on arrival by the administrative authorities of the Great Bridges and traditional leaders of Bouboury. Led by the Pkapkatcha dance Dibremou came to support the brotherly people of Bouboury, the Minister and his delegation visited the pupils of primary school age in this village. This school was rehabilitated more than twenty million by the Orange CI foundation when the foundation was headed by the wife of the Minister who had been the basis of this gift to the village of Bouboury. Following this visit students they went on the public square of the village where the ceremony was planned. So it is with fanfare that the Trade Minister and his delegation were welcomed by the people of Bouboury in this place. The actual ceremony of the “Borbor-Gbêl Nigbessi Etchi eb EB-2016” began with blessings and presentation culture “Ödjukru” or Adjoukrou. This culture is filled with a rich cultural heritage Day ceremony. The feast of the EB-Eb occurs every 8 years and dedicated political investiture of the new patriarchs and leaders of the village. It took place in the pure tradition Adjoukrou through songs, dances and sounds of the sacred drums, that really marked the spirits. For the occasion, the Nigbessi the number of 142 (54 men and 88 women) were trimmed jewelry, Gold, clothes and other objects and clothing quality and value required by tradition. What give the ceremony a special character, magnified by mobilizing the citizens and visitors from Abidjan, and even other neighboring countries such as Ghana, and also from Europe, Asia, etc. Through Nigbessi the ceremony took power now. The sponsoring Minister of the ceremony and the age group of the patriarchs of the village celebrated that day, held at the party quality speech at the site of the Adioukrou Culture: “You are a model of democracy that we must inspire. Your democracy is a real school that we must teach in democracies called great democracies … traditional systems are based on the principle of consensus, while Western democracy is based on majority rule. Your culture promotes values ​​which we must drink and inspire us. ” the minister who called the Ödjukru culture very rich but untapped has committed to participate in the promotion of this culture. Then to the place of his godchildren all majestically dressed that day, he sent this message: “… You are the guarantors of the tradition of this village more than anyone, you know the responsibilities that are yours.. ..I urge you to take on fully in the interest of all Grand Bouboury; anything that will reflect back on the absolutely Lêbutu and to accompany Côte d’Ivoire in its emergence and the little I’ve heard. on you, I doubt any. ” Following the official installation of Nigbessi as guarantor of the tradition now the first and largest village Adjoukrou according to the history of that people, presents were offered to the Minister and his wife. Honored as now the son of the village, the name Cess NGni (name designating it as small son of the founder of the village) was assigned. Before leaving his godchildren, the Minister gave a budget of 3 million distributed between Nigbessi, the organizing Committee and the traditional authorities of the village. it is in a jubilation that Cess, forgiveness Minister Billon and took leave of his godchildren and population Grand Bouboury. for Athanasius Konan in Grand Bouboury