A study by “Portland” (integrated communications agency based in London), reveals that in 2015, nearly a hashtag in ten (10%) among the most popular in Africa, focused on themes and politicians , against 2% in the US and the UK. what, so, in Portland told that “Twitter has reached maturity in Africa by becoming a widely supported platform for political debate.” The first political hashtag was about the most decisive election has known the continent last year: #Nigeria Decides. “Our previous studies showed that in Africa, Twitter was more a space for social interaction and jokes. this study, the third confirms that the platform reaches maturity with the prevalence of serious debates about politics and government, “said Mark Flanagan, Senior Partner in charge of the Content and Digital Strategy at Portland. in his work, the agency has analyzed 1.6 billion geolocated tweets and the 5000 first hashtags continent, as part of its third report “How to Africa tweeted.” the main findings of this study demonstrated that: “Although tweets about showbiz and entertainment have dominated conversations 2015, representing over 20% of hashtags, political discussions have increased to 10%. Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Burundi and Egypt were the most active countries in this regard. In addition, interest in politics transcends national boundaries. Thus, hashtags on the Nigerian presidential election and conflict in Burundi were among the most popular hashtags and more divided on the continent, “said a statement from the body numb to Afrikipresse. English is by far the dominant language on Twitter in Africa. “in the 5000 most popular hashtags analyzed, 77% were tweeted in English. Other major languages ​​such as Arabic or French were significantly less present -. 7% and 4%, “the report notes ! Twitter in numbers in Africa In Africa, Twitter is much less used in commercial campaigns in other regions of the world. commercial hashtags (like brand names and promotional offers) are 25 times less active in Africa and the US, for example. in Portland, Egypt more tweets than other African countries, and provides 28% of all content geolocated Twitter (500 million tweets). Nigeria (360 million geolocated tweets), South Africa (325 million geolocated tweets) Kenya (125 million geolocated tweets) and Ghana (70 million geolocated tweets) rounded out the five African countries most active on the platform. overall, 1.6 billion geolocated tweets were published in Africa in 2015 to 34 times more than in the first survey in 2012.