3-The terms of the agreement: The consensus is based on conditions including:
1. To be reported by an authentic way because widespread among the scholars and transmitted by people safe and well informed.
2.Ne not be preceded by a divergence on its purpose. As this is the case, there ‘s a
no consensus because the notice not invalidate the death of their authors. Consensus does not end in a divergence that predates him, but he can prevent the emergence of a new
divergence. This is the best-argued opinion for the strength of its source. They say it not a requirement and that the consensus can be achieved within the century following around one of opinion with fact previously subject to divergence not trench. In this case the consensus found will be for the future. For most lawyers, the flow of the generation of authors
consensus is not a condition validity. The consensus reached by people capable of doing maintains soon the consent. From there, it be permitted neither to themselves nor to others
to return as arguments give the consensus status argument does not submit its validity
the passage of time its authors. There it adds that the consensus becomes effective as soon
its conclusion .. Who is that terminating the proceedings?
If one of mudjtahidiin (high authority Muslim scientific) deliver opinions or made a gesture that spreads among people able to practice ijtihad without any of them dispute the, although in able to do, we say that it has the value consensus. It is also said that it is outside the consensus but may constitute proof. For others, it is neither consensus nor evidence. other say if they all disappear without dispute the notice or gesture, they are supposed to be the consensus as their silence maintained until disappearance doubled their ability to
contest translate their approval. This opinion is closest to the truth. “(See al-ilm al oussol oussol min (62-64)). Allah knows best.