Edoh Kossi Aménounvé, general manager of the Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM) and the Central-Bank Settlement Depository (DC / BR) hosted Thursday 4 February a press conference in the premises of the at Plateau located structure, in order to present the review of activities in 2015 of the two central structures of the regional financial market of the UEMOA. A positive announcement that the major projects for the year 2016. “This year the day is intended to give the media an update on the BRVM and DC / BR to power their analysis on the regional stock market. “It is in these terms that Mr. Kossi Edoh Aménounvé presented clearly positive assessment of the BRVM. A report that is based on three major points, namely the global and regional macroeconomic environment, the BRVM performance and DC / BR in 2015, and finally the activity forecasts 2016. The Ivory Coast has experienced during the last three years economic growth averaging between 8 and 9%. Largely resulting from monetary stability displayed by the space UEMOA (the average growth of between 5 and 6% over the last five years). This contrast of other African markets hit walk-by fluctuations in oil prices. Mr. Kossi Edoh Aménounvé further noted that the BRVM finished 2015 with all indicators green. It is thus the best performing stock exchange in Africa all currencies with a net increase of 17.77% of its Composite index. Reaching a level of capitalization of 7,500 billion FCFA to 31 December 2015, it has consolidated his sixth place on the continent with an increase of 18.67% compared to 2014. The value of transactions stood at 337 billion FCFA an increase of 47.9% compared to 2014. Furthermore, the BRVM (S & P BMI Ivory Coast) finished 2015 leads African indices Standard & Poors with an evolution of 13.98%. A new company, Total Senegal was introduced for trading on the BRVM in 2015. The challenges for 2016 Regarding the DC / BR, the speaker made ​​if the net increase in securities held in custody by 20% who switched from 7805.85 billion to 9363.36 billion FCFA in 2015. in the same trend, the events on values ​​(ESV) have evolved from 12% to 476.25 billion in 2015 against 425.76 billion FCFA in 2014. other major developments have marked the year 2015. These include the change of visual identity of the BRVM, the opening of the new market hall, the election of the Director General of the BRVM Wacmic presidency, the launch of the Market Data Service SMS “Info BRVM.” Mr. Aménounvé also lifted a corner of the veil on priority actions 2016. They relate, inter alia, on the admission of new companies to listing, the establishment of the third compartment dedicated to SMEs and companies with high potential growth, the launch of diaspora bonds, the further integration grants of ECOWAS and the international promotion (Road Shows) and regional. These actions will allow, ultimately, to consolidate the position of the BRVM on the continent, attracting new companies and new investors in the market, and finally to increase the contribution of the BRVM in savings financing the UEMOA.