According to ‘Abder Rahman Ibn Ghounm, the Prophet (saw) said: “The best servants of Allah are those who, when they saw Allah is mentioned (1) and the worst servants of Allah are those who practice namima (2) those that separate people who love each other. “

(Reported by Ahmad No. 17998 and authenticated by Sheikh Albani in Sahih Targheeb No. 2824)


(1) The imam Sindi said this is because of the fact that their faces are seen on the sign of piety and the light of Dhikr (ie the remembrance of Allah).

(Hachia Al Sindi ‘Ala Al Musnad Imam Ahmad)


(2) The word namima (النميمة) is a word that was misunderstood by many because they have mistaken for slander (الغيبة). Indeed namima is made ​​to report about the people on top of each other with the purpose of harming them while slander is the person mentioned in his absence by one thing she would not hear and even if what has been said is true.