the miracle could not last longer. Our country was an exception to the battlefields coveted by terrorists. If New York, Paris, London, Madrid, Brussels is not inaccessible terrain, Abidjan can not alone be an exception in this world of blind violence.
In this case, what you ask a State, as a citizen is to know that:
1. The country has a Commander able to face the danger we face constantly, every street corner, and took all possible measures with human resources to address them, preparing them methodically and patiently;
2. Upon the occurrence of such an event, we want to see the Head immediately to the theater of operations to drive himself the policy without false response fleeing, while telling the truth and nothing but the truth;
3. Chef able to learn after extensive consultation of its operational staff;
4. The non-operating such situations, to oppose each other in the nation Attacks of Grand-Bassam and the skill with which the Ivorian Head of State led the sequence of events was significant. The speed with which the security forces responded reassuring especially as the attackers know that now face the task will be difficult and very, very risky. They will think two times before returning to Ivory Coast. The Bassam incident could have been more dramatic as the locals like to Abidjan beaches Bassam. And just on Friday night before and throughout the week, there was the gala of the NGO ‘Children of Africa’ and ‘Market of the African Performing Arts and (MASA)’, with hundreds of personalities from around the world. Probably the terrorist attackers wanted to create in Abidjan that had seen him do at the Bataclan in Paris, or at the beach in Sousse. God thank you, the blessings of our Imams, our priests and our Pastors and their faithful prayers were answered by the Lord Almighty. Terrorism does not choose its target according to their religious affiliation. The terrorist did not even look at the face of his victim. Because when he kills, he is blinded by hate, rage and contempt for everything that moves around him. His ultimate and sole purpose is to sow violence and death while fleeing the justice of man by any means. He is master of nothing. It does nothing mastery. He does not even know that his sponsors decided his grisly fate for their own pleasure. It believes act when it is stirred and manipulated. He believes action for a cause, while the cause is lost and has no future. His attitude is even a form of expression of the denial of divine justice which he oddly calls sometimes shouting ALLAH AKBAR upon to fulfill his plan. Yet no Muslim, no Christian should deny Allah, or Jesus the discernment and judgment. Someone who does not believe in the values ​​of its creator and that does not respect the creatures of his own creator, can he be a believer, a follower of Islam, Christianity or Judaism? No and no. It is therefore not surprising that more and more researchers are finding that over 90% of terrorists are not practitioners of Islam and they claim or from fundamentalist Muslim families.Today there is evidence that logisticians and sponsors are afraid of death while organizing merciless death of their followers and innocent. Last but also discover that they were almost all offenders notorious recidivists (robberies, car thefts, Traffic and drug use, wandering ..) and indeed stuck by the police alas. So to combat terrorism effectively must combat all forms of delinquency and to strict monitoring of offenders and criminals. In a nutshell, the highway robbers, microbes, adherents smokehouses our roads and neighborhoods, the rioters on our campus are potential candidates for terrorism. Since the terrorist strikes terror. But terror is defined as u act of violent fear that paralyzes that sows terror. It is also the systematic use of violence to impose an authority on defenseless people in a climate of insecurity. So the attacks of buses that carry passengers and microbes acts of terror on common courses in Abobo and Yopougon are assimilated acts of terrorism must be fought here and now. This fight is going to harden at our investigators and our soldiers on the battlefield against external terrorists. Abu Khalftim