The source of Islam is the Qur’an; and the model of morality described in the Qur’an is completely different from other religions. The Qur’an is based on the concepts of good morality, love, compassion, mercy, humility, dedication, tolerance and peace. A Muslim who lives according to these moral precepts is refined, thoughtful, tolerant, trustworthy and accommodating. It offers love, respect, peace and joy of life to those around him.
The concept of peace in Islam is an authentic concept closely related to the absolutist idiologie of Islam, the universe and human life, where converge all laws of Islam for peace to become the leader and that war is the exception that comes out of this divine setting and is considered injustice and oppression.Injustice is injustice polytheism and the corruption of corruption is the enslavement of men for purposes other than the worship of Allah. The word [السلام] peace means welcome and protection. And peace is one of the names of Allah …. Peace is the greeting among Muslims use them and the greeting of the inhabitants of paradise. When the Prophet SBSSL was asked: what are the good deeds in Islam? He replied, “give food, greet him what you know and what her you do not know,” narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim; and also said: “O! Rependez men’s salvation, feed, linked the relatives and pray while people were sleeping, you will enter paradise in peace “