Tocomply with laws and governed by rules society is manifestation of disciplined. If the average citizen respects these social norms, the faithful Muslim, in addition to being subject the divine recommendations, must have wherever he is the culture of discipline, social cohesion. Be disciplined, presupposes respect others in diversity religious, ethnic, tribal and racial. For even if a person does not share necessarily your ideology, principle cardinal values of universal morality requires that we should give him respect and consideration for what represent. Discipline is respect the workplace, is to be punctual and hardworking, but also mutual respect. Imagine for a moment that person gives no credit in its immediate environment, She’ll run enormous risks. Conveniently, if spends his time rape safety habits urban, it is likely to risk disease. Otherwise, the destruction of slums is While seen as an act intolerance and lack of solidarity. But when the rain made causing the ravages casualties of Many citizens, not not pleasant news ear. When recovering from means the different responsible for families vacate the premises and we see that nothing is done, this is a case indiscipline which leads to desolation. that desolation which benefits neither to itself nor to relatives, much less the immediate surroundings. When we does not follow the advice of Doctor, it risks plunging in the disease. to circulate freely in society, it is advised all citizens to bring his identity document. Otherwise, we risk spending a few times in the police stations. The respect is also observed in dress and physical presentation. Although it is said that clothes do not make the man, but by the monk we recognize the best clothing. when
do not dress properly, we may lose opportunities job or other. In our traditional society, it is demanded the man to fulfill dowry before his marriage wife. Islam is not going to Against this requirement, it recommends simply that reduces spending. Yet we see from Many cases of indiscipline for marriages. Today, parents of Bride see their daughter in a way to make money. They forget very often recommendations of the glorious Koran and think only of their personal interests. There are marriages where dowry is fixed at more than 500,000 CFA francs. After it is surprising that young people are reluctant to commitment was then
that the desire to marry is strong. Also astonishment is great when the divorce rate will
growing. These are signs warning of the absence of baraka in this case. he must change and observe discipline that is and remains the way of salvation. This is the same case for the one who underestimates the other simply because it is an average class or disadvantaged. Life is a theater stage where everyone comes play its role. Nothing is so late life is prolonged. We can be resulting from the lower class and meet tomorrow in Comfortable situation where be savored happiness existential. Much that can say is believe in Allah and His work as consistent recommendations the values ​​of morality Universal to fully enjoy many graces.