If we had to find a definitionIslamic productivity, we could summed up in one word: “Baraka” or blessing. Our ability to lot with few resources and short time to create more with little effort is undoubtedly a blessing of Allah (subhanahu wa Ta’ala).
Yet it seems that either Baraka become a lost treasure today: everyone seeks, but no No one seems to find it! We often hear people complain about not having baraka in their time, in their sleep in their money and so after. (….). We’ll find out Baraka what and where it is hiding.

What is Baraka?
A renowned preacher explained as following : “Baraka is the attachment of kindness divine something, and if it touch a small thing, it amplifies it. And if it occurs in something Well, it is beneficial to him. And most benefit of Baraka in everything is the use of the latter in obedience to Allah (subhanahu wa Ta’ala). ”
Sources Baraka:
(…) La Baraka is not a lost treasure, in reality it is before our eyes. This treasure is only available and ready to be given to one who works there. You Below are a few sources  Baraka.
1.The good intentions
If you want the Baraka is attached to something, have good intentions for this thing. More
Specifically, make sure that work be undertaken to Allah (Swt). Rereading the definition of Baraka, you can conclude that if we do not destine it we have or do to Allah, the ” divine goodness “will not end in our works.
2.La piety and belief in Allah
Allah says in the Qur’an: “And if the people of these cities had believed and feared God, We would have to widespread sure on them blessings of heaven and earth … ” (Surah of the Walls (Al-A’raf), 7:96).
He also says:
“[…] This is an exhortation for of one who has faith in God and the Day last, for the Lord always cleaning a favorable outcome to the one who fears, It grants and for him from the tracks unsuspected. […] “(Surah of Repudiation (At-Talaq, 65: 2
3. Place trust in Allah
Allah says in the Qur’an: “[…] God enough for anyone relies His, and His judgments will be fulfilled still, because everything he has assigned a measurement. “(Surah of Repudiation
(At-Talaq), 65: 3). Prophet Muhammad (peace and the blessing of Allah be upon him) said:
“If you place your trust in Allah as He truly wants You give your provision as He gives the birds, they leave in the morning the empty stomach and back in the afternoon Lunchtime full stomach. “(Ahmad, Nasa’i, Ibn Majah, Al-Hakim and al-Tirmidhi)
4.Lire the Koran
It is a fountain of Baraka! But Subhan Allah, you drink rarement.Allah says in the Qur’an: “And now, here revealed a blessed Book which confirms previous Scriptures … “(Sura of the Cattle (AlAn’âm) 6:92). So, read the Koran and watch the appearance of blessings and Baraka of Allah in your lives. The more we move away from the Book of Allah, his precepts, its secrets, unless we have baraka in our lives .
5. Say Bismillah 
When you say “Bismillah” before do anything, you call the Name of Allah on this activity. No
only this activity will be blessed, but in addition, Shaitan can not take it share. So always say “Bismillah”. Sometimes we are so used to say it is impossible to remember if we said or not! Try saying ” Bismillah “with the awareness of what you say before performing the action.