In some cultures, the woman is considered only as an aid to her husband. In this case, his role in the couple is only to do the cleaning, laundry, cooking, caring for children and be very caring of her husband.

But this day is dedicated to the woman, sir, take up your half, to even what 24 hours. So you give him the opportunity to take a little “rest”.

And if you concoct meals?

Eh yes! That would please your woman that you are cooking it that day. Not because you become a cook, but simply because you will have made him his favorite dish.

Take care of children

As they say “to all Honour to whom honor.” It’s his day. Give him the opportunity to once again spend time with her friends. Take care of the kids that your wife leaves home for fun. Who said care would mean that you must deposit them in school, prepare lunch, watch over them so they do not commit gaffes.

Dishwashing …

Men, when you want to be nice, you are unrestrained. This is only a small matter for you. The plunge is your favorite activity. Madame would only be delighted to see you help.

Taking care of the house, you’re an expert!

The chores have no secret for you. Moreover, it is with great enthusiasm that you run. Sweeping, wiping, wholesale cleanliness of your home, you make your case.

This will hinder, in short, your wife. But know ask him to put it to rest, just for that day. Your relationship will only be strengthened by this mark of tenderness that you will witness it.