Franco-Guinean, Ivorian born, daughter of Mr. Étienne Duparc, filled mother of 2 children and Kris Aliyah and woman notified case. It carries out studies BTS International Trade and then a Bachelor in International Business at Temple University in Philadelphia. After professional experiences in different areas, at age 37 she decided to embark on entrepreneurship and create its brand of luxury accessories that African appoint Nihahsah meaning Princess Noire Swahili. In this interview, Duparc Erika talks about his brand and his journey to get to this result.

Tell us about your career in fashion?

To get to where I am now, I owe it first to my faith, I believe in what I do, my determination and my will to always go forward. I am very fashion, but I am rarely the trend, I am my mode. You should know that fashion is not only fashionable dress, or how to designate, to dress according to the taste of the moment. It is a phenomenon involving the collective through the company, the look she returns, it imposes codes and individual taste, hence the role of the accessory. The fashion accessory is essential for a complete outfit. My experience comes from my travels, my taste for the art world, my taste for art. I am very interested in the history of Africa and different cultures, which leads me to want to develop a new Africa. Speaking of fashion, can you tell us about your Nihahsah brand?

Nihahsah is a trademark of African luxury accessories and art objects (my shots Africa cores). When I was a teenager, to pass the time I reproduisais the cartoon characters. I said to myself. ” You’re a “fan of sarong” why not invent the stands, so the draw ” I wanted to start with something very simple, the shapes of a woman I highlighted with nuance. It made me want to go further in the accessories ie the square of silk scarves, scarves, stoles etc … I have not hesitated to ask for advice and to frame me by best in all areas. Nihahsah now entering its 3rd year.

Why choose silk?

My choice of material is very simple, the silk fabric is characterized by its softness and delicacy of its color them. Contact with the skin is both pleasant and perfectly healthy because silk does not cause allergies. The squares and silk scarves are permanent in female and male clothing and are also very popular as gifts. In your designs you tell the story of the Queens and Princesses of Africa, you find yourself in them?

All women will find themselves in a character trait of a Princess or Queen of Africa. We were talking about Abla Poku, Nefertiti, Queen Makeda of Sheba, the Kingdom of Yennega Mogou or Nandi Zululand, in each of his wives will meet courage determination, nobility, elegance, a rebellious side, a submissive woman, the fragility of perseverance. How many collections were you?

Starting today, I’m already recognized as creative accessories. I have in my possession 87 collections including colors derivatives. Here’s a list of my various articles:
the different size silk scarves either 80 * 80 cm, 90 * 90 cm or 100 * 100 cm, chiffon scarves, stoles in cashmere, pareos cotton , long tunics in silk turbans, art objects, candles to African species, African jewelry from the 4 corners of Africa. Etc … My collections are sleek, nomadic and timeless.

Recently it was International Women’s Day, what do you think of this day?

The Women’s Day was established to take the step to gender equality, the empowerment of women and women’s rights. My message to all those women, including myself is to go forward, to always have confidence in what we do and do well with our heart and our faith. In each of us there are hidden talents, cook, creative, a teacher, Director agency, housewife etc … You always give their all. There is a quote that I love and I often say to my 13 year old daughter: “Be a Girl with a mind, a woman with an attitude and a lady with a class.” Which means: ” Let a girl with a spirit, a woman with an attitude, a young lady with class. ”
God gave me this gift, I took time to find out. Today I am in full bloom in my work and when I see the eyes of my customers dazzled by this work is one of the greatest rewards we can have.


Mam Dieng