In his Easter message, Pope Francis has particularly condemned the “refusal of those who might offer a welcome and assistance” to the migrants.

Pope Francis on Sunday expressed his hope in his Easter message, that the Geneva talks bring peace to the “shredded country” that is the Syria “Sue the Lord opens the paths of hope to the beloved Syria, countries shredded by a long conflict. (…) We entrust to the power of the risen Lord ongoing discussions (…) so that we can collect the fruits of peace, “said the Pope at the Vatican during his traditional message urbi et orbi Easter on the square St. Peter in Rome.

“Death or refusal”

Pope Francis also condemned in his Easter message “refusal of those who might offer a welcome and assistance” to migrants fleeing “war, hunger, poverty and injustice.” “These brothers and sisters meet too often the way the death or refusal of those who could offer them a welcome and help,” he said in a new appeal to the leaders of the developed countries, particularly European, not to close their borders. “Given the spiritual and moral abysses of humanity, facing empty that open the hearts and provoke hatred and death, only an infinite mercy can give us salvation. “He said in the message to the grave accents. “The world is full of people who are suffering in body and spirit, and every day the newspapers are full of news of horrific crimes, often committed in the walls of the domestic hearth, and armed conflict, large-scale, submitting entire populations to untold hardship. ”

Innocent blood

“The Lord Jesus stimulates this Easter our proximity to victims of terrorism, blind and atrocious form of violence that does not cease to shed innocent blood in various parts of the world, as happened in the recent attacks in Belgium , Turkey, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire, “he also prayed. That hope ferments and the prospects for peace in Africa lead; I think especially in Burundi, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, marked by political and social tensions. (…) That the appointment of the next World Humanitarian Summit do not forget to put the human person at the center with his dignity and to develop policies that can assist and protect victims of conflict and other situations emergency, especially the most vulnerable and all those who are persecuted for ethnic and religious reasons.

Pope Francis has finally called for “a final solution to the war in Ukraine, also by inspiring and supporting humanitarian initiatives, including the release of those detained.