Screaming and crying Zaynab vibrated even within the four walls of the house, when a second daughter, Ruqayya was came brighten the house of the Prophet (saw) and his wife Khadija. this birth was like the first good and happy new. Like her sisters, she received the best education.
The marriage of two sisters:
Some time after the marriage of Zaynab with Abu l-As Ibnu-r-Rabi ‘, a delegation of the family of Abdul-Muttalib reached the house of Muhammad (saw). She was came to ask the hand of Ruqayya and her sister Um Kaltoum for ‘Ataba and ‘Utayba, both nephews of Abdul-‘Uzza. The two girls had nothing to blame two contenders, but they were worried the reputation of Umm Jamila, wife of ‘Abdul-‘Uzza and mother of two young Men, who was known to have a hard heart, insensitive to woes other. It was, moreover, poor
language. But Ruqayya and Um Kaltoum could not not refuse the marriage proposal as a
refusal would have been felt as an affront and humiliation in Umm Jamila, who would not
not hesitate to create discord in the clan Quraysh.
So they agreed to marry only to cause problems between their Father Muhammed and his close relatives. It their remained to bear animosity to ‘Abdu-l- Uzza and malice of his wife.
Repudiation and Persecution
Marriage will not last long. In Indeed, when the Prophet (saw) began its mission and began to call people to the Religion of Truth, his two daughters Umm Kaltoum Ruqayya and were driven from the house ‘Abdu-l-‘Uzza nicknamed Abu Lahab and returned to their father and
their mother.
Family members of the two husbands, rooted in their idolatry, had been encouraged by the Quraysh, as stubborn in their disbelief than them, to repudiate two daughters immediately: By combining with his daughters, you have relieved Muhammad her worries. Meet him so his daughters for to plunge into its insoluble
They promised to both Abu Lahab son of of the marry any other women
Quraysh that would please them. Umm Jamil was in fact jealous of assayyida Khadija. She even felt the hatred towards her. Encouraging people against Muhammad, she wanted the same occasion, alter the happiness of his wife, happiness that was exemplified in the Meccan middle. It not only him gave his two daughters, but she and her husband, descended into the arena of battle opposed the Seal sent to Quraysh. There was nobody as virulent it and as wicked as his husband. It’s her and her husband that he discussed in Sura 111, entitled “Al-Massad” which will further increase their anger and their aggression: Perish the hands of Abu Lahab and that he will perish. His fortune did him useless, nor what he has acquired. It will be burned in a Fire of Blazing Flame. Likewise his wife, the carrier of wood, his neck,
rope fibers. When this surah was revealed, Umm Jamil, wife of Abu Lahab, sought the
Prophet (saw) who was with Abu Bakr within the walls of the Ka’ba. The latter,
Umm Jamil saw coming towards them, says the Prophet: Put yourself aside or leaves the
mosque because it seems that she came assault you. Abu Bakr, somewhat surprised, received this Answer: There will be a screen between her
and me. So she did not see him. The wife of Abu Lahab said to Abu Bakr on a angry tone, while revealing his ignorance on the origin and scope of divine revelation Thy companion makes poetry against me. Abu Bakr replied as to rectify the error of this treacherous woman and explain the true dimension of the Book of God: For Allah! He does not say poetry.
When she moved, surprised, Abu Bakr said to his Friend: O Messenger of God! How is it she could see you while you’re sitting near me, as visible as myself? The Prophet (saw) replied, smiling, reckless disbelief that woman doomed undoubtedly the throes of Fire : Indeed, an angel came between her and me.
The Marriage of Ruqayya and ‘Uthman Ibn ‘Affan
By returning the girls to their parents, Abu Lahab and his wife Umm Jamil thought disrupt family Prophet (saw). So, their attempt failed miserably especially as Uthman Ibn Affan was soon not to ask the hand of Ruqayya. Celleci would have a better marriage with this man who was one of ten men to whom Paradise was promised. He belonged to the golden youth of Quraysh. This union was strengthening Muslim community, especially as its members were willing to sacrifice their property and their lives for the triumph of religion of God.
Emigration to Abyssinia
When the Prophet (saw) saw that oppression was growing and he had no
means to oppose it, he ordered the believers to migrate to Abyssinia where land reigned a just king, unable to hurt the people. Uthman was the first to emigrate accompanied by his wife Ruqayya. Celleci could not hold back his tears. She embraced his father, his mother and sisters before following her husband to the country stranger she saw for the first time.
The Abyssinians greeted properly the first emigrants and left the Negus go about their business freely. he allowed them to practice their religion without none can exercise over them any constraint. This state only increased the anger of Meccan polytheists. They did not admit that Muslims can live in security. So they decided to send a delegation to convince the Negus of emigrants return to Mecca, but the Christian king refused to deport them because
their belief in Jesus Christ.The failed attempt procured a huge joy to Muslims who would live in peace, without forgetting their homeland. Ruqayya was one of those who most nostalgia. It is true that it was the first time in her life she was separating from her father, his mother and sisters. However, events she suffered in Mecca and the fatigue of the journey until Abyssinia had somewhat exhausted his strength. Her health was so fragile that it could
support the baby who was in her womb. It was then that she had a miscarriage. God thank you, she will have another child a year later. She gave him the name of his grandfather ‘Abd Allah. The weakness experienced by Ruqayya do not discouraged because she was surrounded care of her husband and attention emigrants. Their help him overcome the moral crisis which it had been reached. His health improved again more when she learned that the blockade organized around his family had been lifted. The news reached him from time to time another, of Mecca. That was how she learned new members came strengthen the Muslim community. The most important information was about the announcement of the reconciliation idolaters with his father. this false Word had spread following the  misinterpretation that was made on this which is called “Satanic Verses”. The revelation had put things right but emigrants had not learned in time. Also, their eventual return to Mecca the filled with joy.
The Return to Mecca
Indeed, some time afterwards, emigrants made the necessary preparations for their return. The starters were number thirty-three led by Uthman Ibn Affan, accompanied by his wife and
her infant Abd Allah. The prospect of see their families and friends filled the gaiety and joy. They already saw live in tranquility and peace. Alas! They found that nothing had
exchange. The Meccan Muslims were always harassed and brutalized by disbelievers. Ruqayya nevertheless entered the home of his parents in confidence. She wrapped her arms around her sister Um Khatum and Fatima, ignoring the poor new awaited. She turned her gaze right and left and asked: Where is my father and where is my mother?
She learned that her father had gone to the meeting of emigrants. Then silence weighing fell in the house. she repeated his question: And my mother where is it? , the palpitating heart.
Um Kaltoum was silent. As for Fatima, she went of the room, her eyes swollen with tears. Ruqayya walked to the bedroom of his mother that she found it empty. She realized that one that gave him the day was over it world. She remained petrified with grief until the arrival of his father consoled.
The emigration to Madina and death Ruqayya
Ruqayya not long remained in the Mecca. After the emigration of his father Medina, then it was his turn to go join in the company of her husband. In Medina, she pretended to forget the death of his mother and miseries she crossed from that his father had started to call people to comply with the religion of God. Alas, God introduced him to new trials. Indeed, his son Abdullah died when he was only six years. She fell itself sick, surrounded by the care of her husband. Ruqayya was in critical condition when she heard the call to Jihad. It was there
mobilization and the Ansar who Muhajirins would face the enemy at Badr. Uthman would have liked to answer this call but his heart did not allow to leave Ruqayya struggling against the horrors of death. Moreover, the Prophet (saw) in the dispensed, ordering him to remain in bedside of his dying wife. A few after she lost soul, when the announcement of the victory of the believers on disbelievers spread throughout the city of Medina.
The Prophet (saw) arrived, approached the bed the deceased and kissed her on the forehead sign Farewell. Then he went to console Fatima, bent over the bed of her sister, pouring
bitterly. All believers flocked in learning the unfortunate news of the Ruqayya death. None of them could back tears, so deep sadly waved their hearts. their cries Umar Ibn Khattab who angered the rebuked by saying that this place had need peace and quiet. The Prophet (saw), stopped in their lamentations saying, All that is in the eyes and heart comes from God and his mercy. As for what comes from the hand and language is produced by Satan. Then he made the prayer on his daughter Ruqayya, the woman who had experienced two
emigration, one in Abyssinia and the other Medina and whose death coincided with the resounding victory of faith over disbelief Badr. Allah be pleased with Ruqayya