Tell us about you?
I always loved Islam. When my fatherbegan to pray the morning of happiness,
Fajr prayer, I put smallbefore it to pray. And he let me do … and then one day he would says: ” Naima willstill ahead for the expression of faith and to help Islam ”. This wish or dream of my father is driving all my actions.
When did you started to do trade?
A little younger, I started making trade, I was making the ” Toffi ” candy traditional herbal sweetened condensed milk essentially. I sold the consumers. And they doted on. All what I produced was consistently bought.
how you got married?
One day, a man introduced himself to me offering me marriage, something I not even thinking. At first I refused categorically. Because what interested me this was only my trade. He insisted to repeatedly and finally confessed to me why he was so anxious to get married. Of course there were classical love, but in his case specific it was a man who loved much his mother and that he wanted to pleasure. Because she had a fairly advanced age. So, he wanted one stone three shots: having a woman he is proud to give its mom a nice friendly girl, and finally have children within a framework in line with his faith. So he was in a hurry. And strength telling me his arguments, especially the on his mom I relented. Because me I lost my mom to six years. I was measuring the importance of the presence a mom and the need for a son of give her everything she needed. So, beyond the love between husband and my future I felt myself invested with a mission. That deserve the blessings of my stepmother I also considered him my mother. Especially since Islam teaches us that Paradise lies under the feet of our moms.
So how did you reconcile your family life and your trade?
My husband had his shop. And as I did not have children yet, I asked him permission to come to continue my Trade in front of his shop. I had very good relationship with my in-laws. With my sister for example I was doing trade. Thus, it acquires the cola, washed and placed in the baskets for buyers. When I got pregnant, it is with money from this little business that I could do the bunch of my first baby. At the time, our mess was 200 FCFA and that was enough to feed us (my husband, his sister, his mother and myself).
After my second baby I started really take a liking to trade. All 5 days I was in Nigeria to buy there the goods and it worked very well. But one day a client went to say this to my
husband: ” You’re not afraid to let your wife one, a beautiful woman go to Nigeria? ”.
Thus a fine day my husband said not to go to Nigeria. I accepted his decision. Because I wanted more than to my home everything else. Later, he allowed me to go to a village in Benin which served market (hub) of goods from Nigeria. Also, the recovery my trade as when walking I was in Nigeria. My husband watched many on me. I was very young and very beautiful with long hair and a skin naturally clear because I have Peul origins. He finally me
ie not too away from him and decided we now go together in Cotonou.
So you started the Trade in Cotonou?
Yes. We had a shop in the old Cotonou market I was very lucky. All I took from wholesalers, I could sell them quickly and often same day ; to the point that all wholesalers
always called me as soon as they had new goods.
Have you experienced setbacks in your life ?
Yes in 1983, I suffered a great loss and I had to start all over again. When I suffered my misadventure, I spoke to God ” You had God given me everything and now you have still taken. In addition, as You said that the believer must go through trials and must never despair, I’m going not despair and I expect you to support me new”. It is this life that the holy books teach us.
When did you take the decision to build this beautiful mosque?
Wherever I live, I harbored secret hope to build a small mosque in my neighborhood. Because, when there is no mosque in the neighborhood where I live, I am unhappy. In my field research, I met a colleague who sold me a great ground. Once the acquired land legally, I went to my Cheick to entrust my mosque project. One week after the interview he gave me permission to go build the mosque.
Why build something else after this mosque?
First, it is not a single mosque I have built. I built several other places. I also have to finish build the denominational university Muslim of Benin if God gives me long life here, because in the afterlife we ​​are will hold to account on what we did our fortune here below.
how must do to succeed in the business ?
It is first and foremost God. Then, it is necessary as well be honest with your suppliers that your customers regardless of their sizes. Avoid lying. Must be courageous and hardworking. You have to put in head that life is not straight. There are good and bad times. But what of the time, we must rely on God and continue to work tirelessly.
What advice would you give to youth ?
Youth need to understand that there is no magic stick, it takes work. They must believe in God because it is God who gives us all. They must move away from the lie, because for example, even if you have everything and that God does not give you sleep you go driving around your bed without power close eyes.
What gives you that strength?
It is God who gives me the strength, moreover, I pray a lot, even when I’m sick. Sometimes I also at times not along with my family and my doctors, because regardless of the severity of my bad, my first concern is to fulfill my daily prayers to hours indicated. Is there a sura or verse particular that you like especially. No, I like the whole Quran, because everything is word of God.
Have you ever been in Abidjan coast Ivory?
Yes once, during a congress LIONS CLUB which I am a founding member in Benign. It is said that you are against political No, I’m not against the policy but I will never do it. Because I want to live my faith fully without being forced to lie and / or to cheat to succeed in life.
tell us the story in the carpet seller
At the end of the construction of the mosque, I was with my husband to buy carpet pray. When the seller given me the price carpets I shouted ‘how can carpet too expensive? ”. I ask the seller decrease, he said that this is his last price wholesale. The second day, I returned even beg him to lower the price so I wanted this belt. The seller even me once again refused. So I had to go look elsewhere. But in the meantime, my heart started pounding I said to my husband that we had to buy the carpet price the seller. Nevertheless, joining the seller, we still tried again haggle the price the seller. But, honestly I was already ready to buy 1000 m2 of carpet. So right away, I released cash and paid. Also, I automatically recovered serenity because I had to shell a large amount of my income. But, I was relieved because I did it myself and for Allah only. This mosque was and slowly built in 6 years.
Have you received support in construction of this mosque?
We have received no assistance or a country any Arab or public assistance. We we made several promises and even concrete proposals, but I always hoped that these promises and proposals go to other projects, and other people who need it more than me. But there is an exception.
Which ?
For interior wall tiles, I went Wasilla with my daughter. It bears the name of my Mom and I Mosque built in the memory of my mother. So I asked him to choose in all conscience to honor the memory of its namesake. She chose the pink tiles and decide to buy them herself. This is how she bought her own pocket all interior tiles of the mosque. his sight
determination, I could not deny my daughter to this gift in the name of his great mother whose mosque is named.
How many times have you done pilgrimage to Mecca?
I think I made 30 times the pilgrimage to Mecca.
What happened to the Rawda?
When I came to Medina I always go to the rawda and police have even noticed me, but I’m always there. Thus, at this location I sat for a long time now to read the Koran and I lifted my eyes to watch and admire the mosque dome the Prophet, and I found that the dome our mosque in Cotonou had almost same shape and the same color. I said eh God how did You could do it like that for me ! I was moved and tears me abundantly came into his eyes. Because our pillars, the tile colors Internal resembling the colors of the Rawda and now the dome, I had I realized that our dream of building a small mosque in Cotonou in the image of the holy mosque dedicated to the Prophet MUHAMMAD Medina, began to become reality. I was moved. and every day that I think I still cry. It is From this event we actually decided to name my Mom at the mosque. You know, nothing can be replaced by a mother to a child. And God himself says that Paradise located under the feet of our mothers. It’s a way for me to hope for a little corner in the paradise of Allah.
What you want now ?
It is death that I await with serenity
hoping that I would have finished building
my university

Fatim Djamila