Are the Ivorian authorities are winning their bet to neutralize the Islamists who sowed horror, Sunday, March 13, 2016, on the beaches of Grand-Bassam, and their dormant networks in Côte d’Ivoire?

In the light of the evolution of the investigation and the results presented publicly, Tuesday, March 22, 2016, by the Minister of State, Minister of the Interior and Security, Hamed Bakayoko and the prosecutor, Richard Adou in charge of investigations, one certainty emerges more and more. It remains, however, that investigators were still in their sights, Kunta Dallah, they do not exclude that it is the inspiration or the brain of the attacks of Grand-Bassam. These attacks, it must be remembered, killed 52 victims, 19 dead and 33 wounded. Even if, for now, the key suspect (Kunta Dallah) always short, the investigation was accelerated, including the side branches jihadists in Ivory Coast. In fact, the major police hunt launched throughout the country, has already put under extinguisher, at least 15 people who have some connection with the deadly events of Grand-Bassam. In this dynamic, a police assault quietly launched on a large busy hotel in Saint-Michel Adjamé, enabled, Saturday, March 19, 2016, the arrest of two suspects, who came from a neighboring country to the north of Ivory Coast. They were arrested following an anonymous call. This hotel, scene of this double arrest, is well known in the town’s mayor Youssouf Sylla. The operation, conducted carefully, which lasted less than fifteen minutes, resulted in the seizure, in the bedroom of the two men, a large sum of money cuts in foreign currency. One of the individuals arrested only speak Arabic. His companion, he speaks in a rudimentary French. Are these financial movements of these “crazy Allah” in Côte kamikazes potential recruiters Ivory or so is it mere businessmen from investing in Ivory Coast? The investigation initiated by the bloodhounds of the anti-terrorist brigade, will take them to the nose.

In the aftermath, another man also suspicious that the first two, spotted twice by a night patrol of the police “in high security areas”, the Plateau, the business district, was also arrested at the dawn on Tuesday, March 20, 2016. According to our sources, it is a “patrol the anti-terrorist brigade” who arrested this individual in the style that clearly lend to suspicion … the guy in question was, once, to outline 2 am, in a deserted street of the Plateau. Then again, to 5 am in another place. He continued to wander through the plateau in places called “strategic” … This does not fail to raise the police vigilance reflex. Hence his arrest. It is clear from our investigation that this man, K.L, ran as an Ivorian sixty years, and educator training. True or false ? In addition, during his interrogation, the man is shown opaque or confused in his answers to questions put to him. He gave tortuous answers to police, the attacks of Grand-Bassam and his suspicious presence in the streets of the Plateau … This is why the individual was in custody for the investigation. I must say that since the terrorist attacks of Grand-Bassam, Côte risks to security in Ivory are still persistent. The situation created by these heinous attacks of 13 March 2016 and Sunday the subsequent investigations have prompted the government to strengthen the security situation, both inside the country that border to strategic buildings.