The construction of road infrastructure will still continue under the Ouattara era. Ivorian authorities are aware that the road above development, intend to continue their momentum in order to improve traffic flow and especially to boost economic development. This March 15, in a hotel room receptive, the Director General of Road Management Agency (AGEROUTE), Bouaké Fofana facing the press, place a piece of the road program in 2016 and beyond. Regarding the city of Abidjan, Bouaké Fofana announced the construction of the 5th bridge between the economic capital and Yopougon Adjamé. This is a way to express long 7,490 km linking Yopougon that Adjamé through Attécoubé (Boribana) by crossing the bay mud by a viaduct (bridge) and a heat exchanger, for a total length of 1.450 km. Today, studies are completed and the company selected runtime is of Korean descent. Phase, network identification is underway and the environmental and social impact study. The implementation period of the fifth bridge is scheduled for October 2016 to December 2019. Another project not least of which will be executed, informs the Dg of AGEROUTE, is the construction of the interchange of the Ivorian friendship -Japanese. IT will involve the construction of a flyover at the intersection Solibra including two branches, one in the direction deck De Gaulle airport and the other in the direction Treichville-airport. To date, studies are completed and the preparatory work is in progress (moving networks). As for the selection procedure of the Japanese company, it continues. The execution period of the work is scheduled in September 2016 to December 2019. Bouaké Fofana also revealed the construction of 14 steel bridges in rural areas in Abidjan, Nawa, Kabadougou, Tonkpi, Folon, Tchotogo, Hambol, Worodougou, Djiboua Loh, Goh, Béré. The studies are completed and signed funding agreement. The start and completion are provided respectively from October 2016 to December 2017. In terms of paving projects for 2016, AGEROUTE ad among others, development or boulevard of Marseilles, of Bassam, Aboisso channels; Adzopé-Yakassé Attobrou; Boundiali, Odienne; Danane-Lola (Guinea border): Agboville-Rubino-Cechi; and Tiébissou-Didiévi. The extension of Highway Yamoussoukro-Tiébissou will not obscured (end 2016). Work will also involve the rehabilitation of the road, from Vridi freight station at the intersection Akwaba (Port Bouet).
“We have in any case a great program do rehabilitation of roads for 2016-2020.Il year are work already begun when others are running.
Intelligent hubs are coming …
This will be done in the district of Abidjan, Yamoussoukro and in several cities inside the country, “Fofana located Bouake. Adding that actions will be taken for the rehabilitation of roads leading to the Academy of the sea. As therapies provided at the structural pathways of certain municipalities. The Coast will also be revamped, in Bouaké Fofana as a financing to this effect since this work requires a heavy maintenance. However, at the meeting with the press, Bouaké Fofana stressed the importance of sanitation or drainage systems that preserve the roads. “In some quarters, these networks are exceeded. As in Zone 4 to Marcory where drainage systems do not exist. Which causes flooding in the rainy season. We also call on people not to throw garbage in the few gutters that are present. ” did he declare. Over the period 2011-2015, road maintenance work required at least 250 billion FCFA according Bouaké Fofana. An interview centered around work points in time on urban roads paved in the District of Abidjan: points-in-time work on intercity paved roads, heavy reprofiling work and treatment of critical points the rational road network; equipment maintenance important paved roads, etc. A resource mobilization level favored especially by thee Road Maintenance Fund (FER) has through its various fundraisers.
To overcome the failure of traffic lights, AGEROUTE intends to use smart intersections. “These hubs will use cameras at some traffic lights. By 2020, there will be a crossroads with a command center that will have a view of traffic lights. Depending on the influx of vehicles from a specific place, the change warms not wait to red motorists fire when there is no danger. This will make it last, either green or red, “lit Bouaké Fofana
By Jean-Eric ADINGRA,                                                                                                         The Patriot Wednesday,                                                                                                         March 16, 2016