Daouda Coulibaly Zie, chairman of the Hope Foundation PDCI was in the political capital, Yamoussoukro, on 19 March where he met with the Departmental Delegate of the PDCI-RDA, Mayor Jean Gnrangbé Kouacou. The construction project of the Museum of the PDCI-RDA, dear to both, was the center of trade. Also, the Departmental Delegate Kouacou Gnrangbé Jean, who dreams of seeing his party be given a museum, has assigned a space in his commune for its construction. “The younger brother Zie Coulibaly Daouda I met there a few weeks ago, I had expressed its intention to build a museum for the PDCI-RDA here in Yamoussoukro. He had explained in his time that the project was financed by private. So I welcomed this information with great enthusiasm. So I had to circulate within the delegation and a meeting of secretaries general section was held to the floor on the issue. And all, we approved unanimously say the 36 section secretaries. This museum will be built on a hectare, it must be said, is timely. It complements the heritage of the PDCI-RDA, “said to the press, the mayor Gnrangbé after visiting the site. Then he added: “We agreed after the visit, that the laying of the foundation stone will be at the celebration of 70 years of the PDCI-RDA, or 20 April. Zié Daouda Coulibaly him, thanked the mayor for his commitment Yamoussoukro. He used the opportunity to make her point achievements obtained in the city of Villepinte in France during his recent visit.In particular, the corridor collaboration he managed to weave to the municipal authorities of that city and those of Yamoussoukro. The construction of the museum, he added, will take two years. Several activities, namely, round tables, to call witnesses and others, will furnish the construction time of the museum, said Zie Coulibaly. This museum, says it will be among the best gifts that President Henri Konan Bédié be able to offer his party for its 70 years of existence. And a benchmark for the younger generations. SERCOM