Ivorians, wearing hats on which one can read “Ivory Coast standing” and others dressed in black as a sign of “mourning”, gathered Sunday to stage Grand-Bassam (43 Km to east of Abidjan), for the victims of an armed attack having been there a week, 19 dead on a beach in the seaside town.

This solemn support of the Nation, in the presence of the head of State Alassane Ouattara, “proves that the Ivory Coast is united,” said Jean-Claude Yahoué, a teacher living in Abidjan, who said “saddened” by the “terrorist” attack.

Some 3,000 people came for the occasion, were sitting under landscaped capitals. “The worst is over, we must be courageous,” said Thomas Messan, a resident of the resort town.

Ishmael Sanogo, quarantine, a “survivor”, attends the ceremony. He said he saw young, almost “children” lead the assault with weapons of “war” and grenades, chasing people to the beach.

Vassie Péhé, aged 18, says experience an emotion “strong”. It insinuates that his presence is justified by the fact that “Ivorians have died, and it is as if (she also) lost relatives.”

On the desk, the mayor of Grand-Bassam, Georges Ezaley launches the city “remains standing, still standing” and the “city will live for herself, for Bassamois and for all humanity.

the “mythical” Bassam city “invites you to come back on its beaches, its hotels, its restaurants “said Mayor George Ezaley, for whom these” victims are heroes for Côte d’Ivoire “and they will Bassam” never forgotten “.

on several t-shirts, that read” I am Grand Bassam, terrorism will not pass through me “or” Yako (local language courage) Bassam, “a sign of support to the victims of the attack.

This tribute, which comes a week after the shooting took place in presence of several customary and traditional leaders, diplomats, politicians including Affi N’Guessan, head of Gbagbo’s party.