Praise be to Allah.
Know that business is less severe you do believe that Allah imposes no embarrassment to His faithful servants on Activities Professional. If everyone thought as you do, there would
a lawful activity, either in East or in West because human activities are complementary; each activity complements another. No doubt the chain (human activity) contains prohibited activities. If we we had to prohibit activities (Productive) lest they be tainted by the illegal, there would be us very few activities. Will we say to those who sell cell phones and other means communication that is not their allowed to carry on business as Customers could use the devices sold illicitly ?!
Shall we say owners shops: do not sell more clothes female because some women wear indecently? Shall we say to food vendors some clients might use illicit funds to purchase or consuming to have the strength to engage rebellious acts to?
One could say the same of printing, vehicles, computers and other products that be used illicitly. The religious law does not impose anyone to behave as such, as long as the activity it exerts is in principle lawful. that which uses illicitly produced assume responsibility.
The advice we (….) Is lavish of (….) look for one of the activities licit that suit you. They are many. Allah be praised. Everything that you need to do is to avoid two types
The first consists in jobs inherently prohibited, as working in a bar, in the dance halls, in usurious banks, in sales wine, pork and other things prohibited by Sharia. The second is to take up employment which directly facilitates Illegal behavior such as being wine serving a drinker, writing a contract involving wear, contribution to the construction of churches, among other actions that lead directly to a prohibited act.
(… ..).
May Allah facilitate our business and we provide abundant sustenance and lawful and guide us on the right path. Allah knows best.